Photo ARCHIVES - Volunteers & Visitors at the Gift Shoppe
Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum

Please note - these photos were taken at the FORMER Euclid Square Mall location.
The Gift Shoppe is currently located within the Museum itself in the Galleria at Erieview.

M Kotnik, O Friedrich, D Vuyancih

  L-R:  Mrs. Marge Kotnik, Museum Volunteer;  Mr. Otto Friedrich, Executive Director;  Mrs. Dolores Vuyancih, Museum Volunteer

L-R:  Mrs. Dolores Vuyancih, Museum Volunteer; the Maté Family - Museum visitors who also came to research their Hungarian genealogy; Mrs. Marge Kotnik & Prof. Clara Thurner, Museum Volunteers

M Meszaros, O Friedrich

Dr. Magdolna Meszaros, Library & Publications Director, and Mr. Otto Friedrich, Executive Director, in front of Library book sale of duplicate editions.  (In Background, part of the folk costume display.)

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