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Permanent Collections & Exhibitions


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- Museum Tour -
More about our Permanent Collections and Exhibitions

[View of Museum, entrance door, Galleria at Erieview]

Székely Gate ("Székely kapu"), the Magyars of Transylvania ("Erdély"):

Just inside the entrance door, you will enter the Museum through the "Székely Gate" or "Székely Kapu," representing the marvelous and intricate artistry of the "Székely" people, who are the Magyars of Eastern Transylvania.  Large enough to admit a horsedrawn cart, the gate is representative of the life and art of the "Székely" people who are among the earliest inhabitants of eastern Transylvania, or "Erdély."  Originally financed by a Grant from the Ohio Arts Council, the gate was constructed in 1980 by Hungarian Boy Scout Troup No. 22 (Troop György Bessenyei) and was displayed in various sites in the Buckeye Road area of Cleveland.

(Click here for a close-up photo of carvings on the "Székely Kapu")

(Click here for a general view of the "Székely kapu")

(Click here for "Székely kapu," left side.)

Folk Costume Exhibit:

(Folk Costumes from Kalocsa)

After you pass through the Székely Gate into the Hungarian Heritage Museum itself, you will immediately note the gorgeously colorful display of folk costumes and folk art from several regions of Hungary.  In particular, the artistry of the Matyó people, of Kalocsa, and of Kalotaszeg are available because of the dedication and work of a retired pastor and his group of parishioners, the "Kalocsai Folklore Group" of Saint Ladislaw Church in Lorain, Ohio. This group has been active for over twenty-five years.  

photoa21.jpg          photo-e5.jpg

(Click here for an additional  photo of the - KALOCSA - Folk costume display)

(Click here for a photo of part of the - MATYÓ - Folk costume display)

The Museum also has a large and colorful all hand-embroidered "Matyó" bedspread, currently on view in  one of the the outside show-windows.

 (Click here for close-up detail of "Matyó" bedspread.)

Hungarian Formal (Court) Attire:


Besides the folk costumes, you will also be able to view a display of Hungarian formal (court) attire.  

Click here for additional photos of Hungarian Formal (Court) attire.

Embroidery Display;  Herdsmen's Art:

An entire corner of the Museum is devoted to the highly developed and exquisite art of Hungarian embroidery.

    embroi-2.jpg          embroid.jpg

You will also be treated to an exhibit of herdsmen's art (sometimes referred to as "pastoral art").  The herdsman, tending herds and flocks in the solitude of the fields and woods, produces artifacts and clothing to serve his own particular nomadic needs.  The decoration of these articles forms a tradition separate from that of other folk art.

(Click here for a photo of our  display of a "szûr" - a Hungarian sheepherder's coat.)

Royal  Art;  Ecclesiastical Art:

crown.jpg    pust-a-2.jpg

Mr. August B. Pust, Ph.D., Commission Member, United States Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad, Washington. DC, admires
the reproduction of the Crown of King St. Stephen, especially commissioned as part of the Museum's now past Herend Porcelain exhibition.  
Behind Mr. Pust you can also catch a glimpse of an 18th century priest's vestment (blue, gold threads), as well as part of the permanent embroidery exhibit.

The neighboring permanent exhibit features Ecclesiastical Art which also includes fine materials and needlework.  A glass case separating the front portion of the museum from the back gallery contains beautiful religious artifacts from the collection of  the late Rev. Alex Demetzky.

Click here to see part of the collection:

Hungarian & American-Hungarian Life & Activities, Past and Present.

You will probably wish to devote some time to viewing the various displays depicting Hungarian-American life. While there are several miscellaneous items which came originally from Hungary, most of these sections are dedicated to preserving the historical past of Hungarian-Americans, particularly in the Cleveland area.

(Background:  photo, dedication of Kossuth Statue, University Circle, Cleveland
Foreground:  Hungarian "City" folk costumes

Several large panel boards highlight the organizations which contributed, and still contribute, to Hungarian-American life.  These include the various churches and other religious organizations, the fraternal organizations and the cultural societies. Educational efforts directed toward youth groups, such as the Hungarian schools as well as the Hungarian Scout organization (cserkészet), are also featured.  The written descriptions include an interesting array of photographs depicting scenes from the life of the Hungarian-American community, as well as other various documents which memorialize, in particular, the immigrant experience. 

Additionally, there are on display furnishings and other household items typical of Hungarian and Hungarian-American life, such as the furniture pictured below (circa 1930s) from a home in the Buckeye Road area.  Buckeye Road was the home of the Hungarians who settled on the east side of Cleveland. Also on display is a "cimbalom," a popular Hungarian musical instrument for  playing both folk as well as Gypsy music.

(Table, embroidered covering, paintings, and "cimbalom" - popular Hungarian musical instrument)

Additionally, the Museum recently acquired an actual newspaper from 1956, which reported the tragic events of the 1956 Hungarian revolution.  The original paper may be viewed under glass.

               pap56-2.jpg     1956-pa.jpg
Mrs. Kori Smith and Mr. Elmer Mészáros examine the original 1956 paper;  on the wall, a display about the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.


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Reference Library

The Reference Library provides a wonderful resource mainly in the Hungarian and English languages.  However, works in French, German, and Spanish on Hungarian topics, are also available.  It is located is a special small room adjoining the Museum, and can be accessed from a door opening from within the Museum itself.

Museum Library, access is through the Museum itself.  To the right, the wall painting of the
"Halászbásztya" or Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest was specially  commissioned for the Museum.

Volunteers are currently engaged in the task of cataloging all holdings, and creating a computerized list of all materials.  Donations of books and other archival materials are always welcome.  Please call the Museum for drop-off times.   A receipt  for tax or other purposes is available upon request.   

Visitors are welcome to use the materials in the library, free of charge, at any time during open hours. ( Regretfully, the Hungarian Heritage Museum does not have the means to lend out its materials, and requests that all materials be used on the premises, so that we may  all enjoy  and benefit from them for a long time to come.)


                                                                                       (Click here for additional photos of  Reference Library.)

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Counter Area, Gift Shoppe

The Gift Shoppe is located within the Museum itself.  Several glass cases feature exquisite, top quality porcelains (Herend, Hollóháza, Zsolnay) as well as other ceramics. Open shelves hold miscellaneous gift items (books, videos, CD's, cassettes, carvings, embroideries).

ALL THESE ITEMS - and more - are currently available for visitor purchase in the Gift Shoppe.

Partial view of just some of the items in the Museum Gift Shoppe

The Shoppe serves several purposes.  First and foremost, it showcases the work of several local ethnic artists.  For example, at present, it features woodcarvings, glass etchings, and other artwork by Magda & András Temesváry, ceramics by Margaret Dósa, ceramics and carvings by Albertina Halácsy, and Anita Bertók, watercolor landscapes, hand-painted cards and embroideries by Sr. Edith Némethy (of Elizabeth, Pa.), macrame laces by visitors from Hungary, and many more.

Also available is a video produced by the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society entitled "Flowers in the Snow."   Financed in part with a Grant from the Ohio Arts Council, this video showcases Hungarian embroidery and needlework.

For the convenience of our visitors, the Gift Shoppe also features a large selection of articles from and about Hungary not readily available elsewhere in Cleveland, or really anywhere outside of Hungary.  A partial list includes music (CDs, cassettes, sheet music), books (cookbooks, language books, folkart books, children's books), videos (history, travelogues, embroidery, music and dance), maps, many different kinds of embroideries (tablecloths, doilies, blouses, vests, etc.), porcelain figurines (Holloháza, Herend, Zsolnay, folk pottery).  At Christmas, Easter, and other major holidays, seasonal items are also available.  

The museum is always happy to accept donations of Hungarian articles (embroideries, books, etc.) for resale.  The item you longer want or need can easily become someone else's treasure, and you will also be helping to support the Museum in its work of preserving the Hungarian and Hungarian-American heritage!

All profits generated by the Gift Shoppe go toward the upkeep of the Museum.  The Shoppe is staffed entirely by volunteers, whose untiring and dedicated commitment has made the operation a resounding success.  The Gift Shoppe managers as well as volunteers are also willing to try and locate and/or special order items not in stock. Mail order for small to medium sized items is also available. 

Museum visitors all agree that the Gift Shoppe is a terrific place for browsing, or for finding Hungarian articles for themselves or to give as unique, one-of a-kind gifts.  The Museum Gift Shoppe is managed by Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Magda Temesváry.

Click here for the Gift Shoppe website.


Click here for views of the Gift Shoppe at 2 former locations.

Additional photos - Volunteers & Visitors  (NOTE:  These photos are of former location of Gift Shoppe)

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Gallery - special & temporary exhibitions area

A portion of the Museum is reservesd as a gallery for special temporary exhibitions.  The walls and center of the Gallery make up a large open space reserved for short and long term non-permanent exhibitions.   Between exhibitions, this space serves as a meeting or lecture area.

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