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Please also see our Hungarian-American Cleveland and NE Ohio "Events Calendar" which includes LINKS to "Useful Addresses" in  Cleveland and NE Ohio.

GREAT LINKS to Other Hungarian Sites!


Americans, Hungarian Americans - See under "Immigration"

Archeology, Artifacts

Hungarian Archeological Artifacts


Hungarian painting!
painting logo

Books, Book Publishing

Past and Present in Hungarian Book Publishing


Budapest cimer A visual/virtual tour of BUDAPEST (slide show!)

Ceramics  [See "Porcelain";  See also "Folklore," &  see also "Crafts"]


See our Museum "Christmas Page" for all links!


Gift items  [See Museum Gift Shoppe page - Etched glass, embroidered eggs, wood carvings, folk motif items, etc.]

Crown of  St. Stephen, other Coronation Jewels

See our "Past Exhibition" website on the Herend Coronation Crown replica
An Introduction to the Hungarian Coronation Jewels
A Szent Korona;  A koronázási jelvényegyüttes  [Holy Crown of Hungary, coronation regalia, in Hungarian]

Cuisine, Cooking

Some savoury courses to tickle your palate
June Meyer's Heirloom Hungarian Recipes
HAL:  Culinaria
The Hungry Hungarian
Fine Wines and Gastronomy
Hungarian Cooking - "It ain't heavy, it's my supper!"
[Scroll to end of. . . ]   Hungarian Wedding Traditions
WebKukta.  A Magyar Konyha    [In Hungarian, can switch to English;  Tons of links!
Webcook.  Hungarian Recipes   [English version of above;  Tons of links!
Eva's Hungarian Kitchen

Cultural Organizations

[See below under "Organizations," for all links.]


Hungarian Customs (Hungarotips)  [Links to Easter, Christmas, Name Day, Food, Spas, Dogs, FAQ's, etc.]

Costumes, National Costumes   [See  also under "Folklore, " &  see also "Embroidery"]

Hungarian Folk Costumes

Dance  [See under "Folk Music"]

Dictionary - [See under "Language"]

Dolls - Magyar Díszbaba

Hungarian Folk Dolls of Transylvania
Hungarian Folklore Dolls
Magyar folklore babák honlapja (magyarul)
Mezokövesd boy doll photo & description - scroll down to see
Boy doll fromHungary dated 1937, photo, scroll down to see
A history of the doll

Events Calendars

Nyugati Hírlevél
[See our Museum and United Hungarian Societies Events Calendar for Cleveland & N.E. Ohio]

Easter Traditions

See our Museum "Easter Pages" for all links!  [Secular customs, folklore, decorated eggs,  link to our "Easter Monday Sprinking" pages," etc.]
Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum - Easter Pages - Religious themed

pazmany peter    Education  [See also "Language," &  "Study Abroad..."]

Electronic Newsletters

Nyugati Hírlevél, független elektronikus újság, ["News from the West"] , in Hungarian, news and announcements from organizations from all over the world

Embroidery, Needlework

Hungarian Embroidery - Embroidery of Kalocsa
Samples of Hungarian Embroidery
NY Folklore Society - Story on Eniko Farkas: Community Scholar
Commentary on folklore & folk crafts by Enikõ Farkas
For many additional links, see our . . .   Museum "Embroidery Exhibition" Page
Halas Lace - Halasi csipke     [See our special Museum exhibit page for numerous links]

Facts about Hungary

Facts about Hungary  [Size, Location, History, Language, Population, etc.]


Filmkultura  [English or Hungarian version]

 [Miscellaneous Sites - See also under "Crafts,"  "Ceramics, " "Porcelain," "Folk Music & Dance," etc.]

American Hungarian Folklore Centrum   [New Jersey, USA]

csodaszarvas plateMagyar Traditional Culture     [In English or in Hungarian, fairly erudite]
Traditional Music, Dance & Handicraft in Hungary

Folk Music, Folk Dance

Csárdás Dance Company   [Cleveland, Ohio, USA]
Hungarian Folk Groups and Sites  [includes additional links]
Hungarian Folk Songs ("Kedvence Népdalaim"- in Hungarian)
Hungarian Folkdance Chamber Group of Ottawa, Canada
Hungarian Music Archives/Magyar Népi Zene Archívum
Hungarian Scout Folk Ensemble / Clevelandi Regös Csoport, Cleveland, OH, USA
Szászcsávás Banda (Transylvanian)

Tisza Ensemble, further links to other folk music and folk culture sites
 [Washington, D.C., USA]
Our Museum's 2003-2004 Lecture series "Explore Hungary" [much information on regions, customs, folklore, etc.]

Genealogy : Looking for your FAMILY TREE ?
[See also under "Immigration"]

Genealogy search, with special attention to Bardossy Family & possible relatives   [In Hungarian, can switch to English or German versions]

Kenderes naive art
Family History in Hungary  Család-Történet Magyarországon

[Hints and links for countries &  areas surrounding Hungary, as well as hints via religious records:  Catholic, Protestant, Jewish.    Illustration:   Naive Art from the Kenderes Reformed Church Marriage Register of 1757]

Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland
HAFS logoHungarian/American Friendship Society
 [Scroll to end of. . . ]   Hungarian Wedding Traditions

Galut Genealogical Research Ltd.   [Located in Budapest, will research your roots!]

Gifts  [See also under "Crafts"]

Our Museum Gift Shoppe
Etched glass, ceramics, porcelain, carvings, etc.  ["Magyar Stuff"]

Government, Politics

Hungarian Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Hungarian Parliament [In English or in Hungarian]
Hungarian Prime Minister's Office

Greeting Cards, E-Cards

Magyar Képeslapküldõk   [in Hungarian]
Mezõtúri Képeslapok  [in Hungarian]
Postcard Service   [Send an e-postcard, fine art]
Szerelmes Képeslapok   [Send an e-postcard, in Hungarian, cute comic type cards]


AETAS – Archívum (Történettudományi Folyóirat)  [History Journal]
Az 1956-os forradalom és szabadságharc története   [1956 Revolution, in Hungarian]
Corvinus Library, Hungarian History
Historical Text Archive
Hungarian History  [with further links]
Hungarian History Page
Hungarian Historical Resources
Important Dates of Hungarian History
Important Dates in Hungarian History
For 1848 & Louis Kossuth - See our former exhibition page for all links.
Corvinus Library

[See also under individual holidays- Christmas, Easter, etc.]

Holidays in Hungary

Hungarian-Americans - See under "Immigration"

[See also under "Genealogy"]

The First Hungarians in North America    [Mostly about Canada]
Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation     [Can search immigration records]
Dayton, Ohio, Hungarian Americans, and Their Churches    [Internet Explorer recommended, to to link "Go To: Introduction, Continued, Page 2 -- Capsule Backgrounds" at bottom for Hungarian information link]
Lakos Canadian Immigrataion Services  [English or Hungarian, mostly for Canada but much useful information]
Our Now-past Museum Exhibit on "The Immigrant Experience" [additional links]
Hungarian-Americans in Cleveland, Ohio [text of book by Susan Papp, part of Cleveland Memory Project]

 [See also under "Education" & also "Study Abroad, Study of Hungarian"]

English-Hungarian Dictionary
Hungarian for Travelers  [You may have to link back to the Hungarian section.]
Hungarian Language Course   [For Beginners, page has further links]
"I love you" in many languages
Proverbs, expressions, idioms, saying - Kösmondások Magyarországról
The Hungarian Language  [More history of, rather than lessons]
Instructions for passing state proficiency exams in Hungarian

 [See under "Embroidery, Needlework"]

Links [Lists of, various topics] tiny cimer

Alex Glendinning's Hungarian Pages
Anna Horvath's Hungarian Page
Links about Hungary, the Heritage, and the Runes (Rovásírás)
"Hip Cat's Hungarian Home Page" (History, Trivia & More)
HAL Hungarian-American Lists   [See under each of the "Lists" for descriptions of]
Hungarian Home Page
Hungarian Links
Hungarian Images and Historical Background
Hungary and the Rovás írás, Links of Interest
Hungary in the Heart of Europe - Cybergateway to Hungary

(Chatrooms, Discussion Forums, English & Hungarian)

Hungarian American Lists  (AHEA-American Hungarian Educators' Association;       Danube-Hungarian Environment,     Forum-Political Discussions,     Genealogia;       Informatika-Web Programming;    Lobby-Human Rights Issues;    Unicum-Local Wash. DC, MD, PA, WVa Cultural Events/Issues;     Culinaria-Cooking;     Folkór;     Games;    Hungary-News & Events;    Intellect;    Mondák-Magyar Sayings;   Witsz-Magyar Jokes & Tréfák

Literature, including Poetry

Anna Horváth's Hungarian Page
Greatest Hungarian Poets
Hungarian Poetry    [Mostly about Petõfi}
Szépirodalom   [Litterature - with further links]
Szerelmes versek   [Hungarian Love Poetry]
Versek   [Poetry, many authors]

Lobby Groups

Hungarian American Coalition
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation

Maps & Coats of Arms of  Hungary

Hungarian Maps & Coats of Arms
A magyar címer története   [Hungarian coat of arms, in Hungarian]


In Hungary, Broadcasted Media, Live On-line Radio, also Television   [=Scroll to bottom of site for the links]
Cleveland & NE Ohio Area Media:  Radio, TV, etc.

Miscellaneous   [Fun stuff!]

Milyenek vagyunk a KINAI -HOROSZKÓP szerint   [Chinese horoscope - in Hungarian]
Transylvanian Hungarian Place Names with Romanian Equivalents

Military, Art of War

A Thousand yeasrs of the Hungarian Art of War [e-book by Anthony Komjathy]
Early Hungarian Weapons
See:  "Contents" page for "The Spirit of Hungary," by Stephen Sisa
Hungarian Kings and other Military Leaders
Read about the HUSSARS
Hungarian Military Service [focuses on 1800s]
Hungary: Battles for Freedom 1848-49
Lajos Kossuth in North America
Austrian-Hungarian Common Army Infantry Field Service Uniforms 1914-1918
Austro-Hungarian Land Forces: 1914-1918  [Contains additional links - scroll to end]
The Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-1918 (Postal items)
[Chapter 1, of above link]
"Austrio-Hungarian Army"
The Austro-Hungarian Fleet
Insignia of the Hungarian AF:  From WWI Until the Present
Hungarian Military Mapping:1990-1995
Cartographic Collection, Map Room, Hungarian Institute & Museum of War History
Hungarian Insitute & Museum of Military History [home page]
Past Exhibition, Hungarian Military History, Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Hungarian Orders [Knightly], Decorations, & Medals / Magyarországi Rendjelek & Kitüntetések   [magyarul]


Néprajzi Museum/Museum of Ethnography, Budapest

Hungarian National Museum, Information about other Museums in Hungary

[In English or Hungarian;  great animated slides, with changing views!]

American Hungarian Folklore Museum, Passaic, New Jersey
Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry  [English, also Hungarian version]
House of Terror   [Museum opened in Budapest in 2002 to honor memory of those who suffered under Nazis, Communism, the '56 Revolution , and other tragic events in 20th century Hungarian history; either English & Hungarian versions]

Music  [see also "Folk Music"]

Hungarian Music Page (Midi Sounds)

Hungarian Zither Ensemble  [North American Group, founded 1996]


Hungarian Mythology

News, Business Information
[See also under "Electronic Newsletters"]

Access Hungary

Nobel Prize Winners
[See also under "Science, Scientists"]

Magyar származáú Nobel díjasok - Hungarian Nobel Prize Winners
The Nobel Prize, Corvinus Library, Hungarian History
George de Hevesy, with link to Hevesy & Radioisotopes
Nobel Prize Winners and Other Famous Hungarian Scientists
Nobel Prize Winners and Famous Hungarians
Nobel Prize Winners, Hungarians and of Hungarian Origin
A Nobel-díj és a magyar Nobel-díjasok    [In Hungarian]
A 12 magyar Nobel-díjas;  The 12 Hungarian Nobel prize winners    [Bi-lingual]

Organizations, Social & Cultural, Religious  [Including lists of, see also under "Religion"]

American Hungarian Educators' Association  (AHEA)
Hungarian Alumni Association, New Brunswick, NJ (Bessenyei György Kör)
Hungarian-American Coalition
Hungarian Communion of Friends (Itt-Ott)
Hungarian Community Centre of Ottawa, Canada
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation
Hungarian House - Hungarian Canadian Cultural Center [either English or magyar versions]
Hungarian Organizations  (list, with addresses & contact persons)
Kossuth Club -- Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Area
Magyar Otthon, Hungarian Club, Inc., of Philadelphia, PA
Magyar News Online


See our 4 Museum sponsored lists for Cleveland & NE Ohio Area

Painting    [See under "Art"]


Hungarian Village Photography  [photos of villages, can also order your own;  Internet Explorer recommended - Netscape may not work]

Polish - Hungarian Friendly Relations

Polish Americans & Their Communities in Cleveland
Polish-Hungarian On-line Dictionary
Library of Congress Links to Poland, Polish Culture
A Time-line of Poland and Lithuania
A Brief History of Poland
Prominent Polish Names
Embassy of Poland in Slovenia [In English!  Great further links!] 
Józef Zachariasz Bem
St. Kinga
Ulászló I       [King of Hungary & Poland]
Reign of Ulaszlo II and Louis II
Polish & Hungarian (also other) Costumes, 17th Century
Introduction to Medieval Poland     [With remarks on Louis the Great,  Stephen Bathory, links, bibliographies, etc.]
Polish castle (with Hungarian roots) in Niedzica
Polish horses  [Includes remarks on Hungarian & Turkish horses]
Fall of Communism in Poland
Links to Polish Culture & Fine Arts
Polish recipes
Polish recipes II
Hungarian-Polish Student Exchange
Magyar-Lengyel Népesség
Magyar-Lengyel Kulturális Alapítvány
Magyar-Lengyel Baráti Kör

Porcelain, Fine   [See also  under "Folklore"]

Hollóháza USA
Az elfelejtett Hollóháza   [History of, in Hungarian]
Hollóháza     [In Hungarian, story of town]
Art by Endre Szász    [See Hollóháza vase at bottom of p.1]
Zsolnay Hussár Gallery
The Zsolnay Tile Museum   [beautiful photos!]
The Zsolnay Store   [more beautiful photos!]
Zsolnay USA  [English or Hungarian versions, photos, historical information]
Zsolnay Museum, Pécs
Highlights of Pottery & Porcelain Exhibit (1997), Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Zsolnay Exhibit (2001), Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
History of Zsolnay porcelain
Zsolnay Hussár Gallery
World Ceramics - Who knows?  [Interesting information, keep clicking forward]
Pottery Studio - Zsolnay   [Click on "gallery" for the photos]
KaLevin  [Historical information, photos]
Photo of Zsolnay vase, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Real Estate

Hungarian Real Estate Legal Advisory Page  [In English or select all-Hungarian version;  get answers to real estate law-related and acquiring general property questions - free!]


See our own Museum & United Hungarian Societies Sponsored "Religious Organizations- Useful Addresses"  website for Cleveland & NE Ohio Area.

Byzantine, Greek Catholic Church in Hungary
Hungarian Protestantism  [English or Hungarian version]
Hungarian Reformed Churches in America
Magyar Katolikus Egyház  [Catholic, also English version]
Magyar Zsidó Honlap  [Jewish, also English version]
Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry   [English, also Hungarian version]
Magyarországi Evangélikus Egyház  [Lutheran, also English version]
Magyarországi Református Egyház  [Reformed, in Hungarian only]
Magyarországi Unitárius Egyház  [Unitarian, in Hungarian only]
Religions with Smaller Denominations in Hungary [In Hungarian only, includes Baptist, Methodist, Nazarene, many others]
"Report on Religious Freedom in Hungary "  [Historic account, as well as present day description, facts, statistics, current religious & social trends, etc.]
Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum - Easter Pages - Religious themed [in addition to Hungarian folk themed Easter pages]

Science, Scientists
[See also under "Nobel Prize Winners"]

Híres Magyarok - Famous Hungarians     [Bi-lingual, includes large number of scientists & inventors]
Magyar feltalálók - Hungarian Inventors II.    [Continuation of above]
Hungarian Inventors
Magyar Feltalálók      [Hungarian version of above]
Magyar feltalálók  és találmanyaik  [in Hungarian]
Hungarian Inventions
Magyar Találmányok  [Hungarian version of above]
Exhibition on the History of Hungarian Science   [with links to or mention of:  Loránd Eötvös (mathematics, Eötvös pendulum), Ányos Jedlik (engineer-physician, electricity), János Bolyai (mathematics), Miksa Hell (astronomy, 18th century), Gyula Fényi (sun eruptions), József Petzval (lenses), János András Segner (science professor, German universities), Tódor Kármán (aviation), János Neumann (math, computer science), János George Kemény (computer science: "BASIC" language), Leó Szilárd (atoms, chain reactions, bio-physics), Dávid Czwittinger (science publisher, 18th century), Ignác Semmelweis (medicine), Zoltán Bay (mathematics), Albert Szentgyörgyi (Nobel Prize, vitamin C), György Hevesy (Nobel Prize, isotopes), Jenõ Wigner (Nobel Prize, physics, atomic nucleus), György Békésy (Nobel Prize, structure of the ear, acoustics),  Dénes Gábor (Nobel Prize, holography), János Harsányi (Nobel Prize, mathematics, economics), György Oláh (Nobel Prize, chemistry)

Space Program:

Hungarian Participation in Space Research
Space Cooperation: Hungarian and American Research for the Future [includes comments about NASA]
Institutions of the Hungarian Space Activity
Hungarian Scientists claim to have found traces of life on Mars
Selected Chapters of Space Research in Hungary
Magyar Ûrkutatási Iroda [Address for Hungarian Space Agency]
Magyar nyelvû ûrkutatási irodalom és internetcímek [Bibliography of articles in Hungarian and some in English about space research]
Home Page of the Space Research Group at the Eötvös University, Budapest /ELTE Geofizikai Tanszék Ûrkutató Csoportjának honlapja [in English or Hungarian]

See our Museum Web page on "NASA - Hungary Space Research Activities"

Scouts - Cserkeszet  cserkészliliom

liliom3   Main Organization:  Hungarian Scouts in Exteris (Garfield, NJ - w/ further links)
Adult Hungarian Scout Troops
See also our Museum sponsored Cleveland area Hungarian-American Websites for Cleveland Scout troops & supporting organizations

Search Engines - Hungarian

EMESE  [People, mostly students]
 Heureka Hungary Network Logo
HuDir Logo HuDir  [English]       HuDir   [Magyarul]
HuWho   [For people searches]
Yahoo Index of Hungarian Sites

Study Abroad, Study of Hungarian  
[Also see under "Education," & also "Language"]

American Hungarian Language Center  [supported by American Hungarian Foundation (New Brunswick, N.J.), also affiliated with Debrecen Summer University,  & Rutgers University Hungarian Program:  evenings, weekends, summer intensive, or "online" courses available;  Idegennyelvi Továbbképzõ Központ (ITK) Hungarian Language Testing Center]
Collegium Hungaricum Juventutis Occidentalis  [study abroad in Hungary, website is in Hungarian, scholarships available, see BOTTOM of our Museum sponsored "Events" website for details]
Debreceni Nyari Egyetem / Debrecen Summer University  [Language & Culture Summer Institute, Debrecen, Hungary]
Indiana University, Bloomington, Institute of Hungarian Studies
Rutgers:  Institute for Hungarian Studies


DUNA-TV   [English version]


Nemzeti Színház  [="National Theatre," Budapest, in Hungarian]

Tourism & Travel

Hungarian Home Page
Hungarian National Tourism Office
Hungarian Travel Information   [Hungarian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, - scroll down for your language, tons of links]
Budapest Hungary guide  [Current & upcoming events in Budapest, in English, many photos & links]

Erdély cimer  Transylvania (Erdély)

Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive - Transylvania

Valentine's Day

Cupp       [In Hungarian, send a kiss -with sound effects - or an e-postcard, etc.]
Valentin Nap  [in Hungarian, with music]
Valentin Nap, Bálint Nap
  [In Hungarian]

Manowar's Hungarian Weapons  (weapons of war, historical weapons, special '56 Revolution section, images & links)


Hungarian Wedding Traditions

Wine, Drinks, Other Beverages

All about Hungarian wines!
Delightful Hungarian Drinks to douse your throat and palate!
Old Hungarian wine labels, vintage photos from Villány, 1893 book about Hungarian wine
Hungarian Wine Regions
(Another site) Wine Regions of Hungary
History Behind Hungarian Wine  - (NOTE!!  Click on "Hungarian History" at bottom of page!!!)
Recipe for Hungarian Wine Soup - Borleves - Christmas Eve Tradition
A word about Hungarian wine
Wine in Hungary of 2002
Villány-Siklósi Borút   [In Hungarian]
Borkultúra / Wine Culture   [In Hungarian, can switch to English]
A Journey to the Wine Country  [with additional links]


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