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in the Galleria at Erieview, second floor level.

Come see our array of Zsolnay & Hollóháza Porcelain -  See also below.

Parking is available in the Galleria undergound indoor garage, enter from Lakeside Avenue, just east of East 9th street, Enter from Lakewside Ave., just east of East 9th St., bear right on downward ramp.  

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*Please note:  The Galleria food court and a few other businesses are also closed on SATURDAYS

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We have a large selections of books and prints available for sale from the JOSEPH DOMJAN "MASTER OF THE COLOR WOODCUT" EXHIBITION.  See our Domjan website for details. Come in and visit or contact us for details!

Mrs. Maria Friedrich and Mrs. Kori Smith stand behind the Gift Shoppe Counter
while they chat with Mr. Ted Horváth and Mr. Elmer Mészáros.

          Expanded inventory!

           We carry a large selection of  :

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We have received a large order of ZSOLNAY and also HOLLÓHÁZA porcelain  -- direct from Hungary!  We are very excited about the selections, in a variety of pieces, in the shipments.  These pieces provides an excellent opportunity to purchase some exceptional items for your own collection or for gift giving, and prices are very reasonable.  This is such an exquisite addition to the beautiful merchandise we already have in the Gift Shoppe.  Please visit us at the Galleria - "Museum Gift Shoppe"!

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Zsolnay is one of the most unique and renown manufacturer of Hungarian fine porcelain, and porcelain products such as art tiles, in the world today.  It is located in Pécs, in SW Hungary.  

Zsolnay pottery was made in Hungary after 1853.  It was characterized by Persian, Art Nouveau, or Hungarian motifs.  Early Zsolnay was not marked, but by 1878 the tower trademark was used. It shows five towers, for the five medieval churches in Pécs. The German name for the city of Pécs is Fünfkirchen, meaning "five churches."  

    zsolnay.gifThere are three main periods of Zsolnay porcelain production:  
    (FIRST)   1868 to 1897 - Folklorism, Historicism & Victorian Eclecticism;
    (SECOND) 1897 to 1920-Art Nouveau (Secession in Central European terms) and Art Deco (Second Secession);
    (THIRD)  1920 to the present-Modernism.

Like many of the pottery factories of the era, Zsolnay was comprised of a group of artists working in the same place, but each working in a personal style.  Influenced by the iridescent glazes of Clement Massier, Zsolnay produced its own lustre glazes on art pieces.

Most commonly seen today are the newer Zsolnay figurines with a green-gold luster finish such as the one above, but there are many other motifs and techniques.  

Click here to access our Museum web page - with many LINKS - to learn more about ZSOLNAY porcelain.


The town of Hollóháza is located on the northernmost point of Hungary in a scenic hills surrounded by forests.  Pottery and ceramics have been made here since the time of the Renaissance.  Ordinary ceramic and stoneware manufacturing stopped around 1950, when the factory switched to fine porcelain manufacturing, which made the name of Hollóháza famous.  The fine porcelain factory in it's first decades manufactured table sets for everyday use but today they also make special occasion tableware and many styles of beautiful porcelain figurines and other purely decorative objects.  In the 1980s a famous Hungarian artist, Endre Szász, became the main designer, further enhancing the reputation of Hollóháza pieces.

Az Elfelejtett Hollóháza   [History of, in Hungarian]
Hollóháza     [In Hungarian, story of town]
Art by Endre Szász    [See Hollóháza vase at bottom of p.1]

If we don't stock it, we will try to order it for you !

Cash, checks, credit cards accepted.

Our items are imported from Hungary, or,
are one-of-a-kind items by local Hungarian artists.

Visit often !

Mail Order Available -
Contact Museum for Details

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Hollóháza figurines - similar items available in Gift Shoppe - come in and browse!

Click here for some photos of just a few of the items we feature.

About our Gift Shoppe. . .

Our Hungarian Heritage Museum Gift Shoppe serves several purposes.  First and foremost, it showcases the work of several local ethnic artists.  For example, at present, it features woodcarvings, glass etchings, and other artwork by Magda & András Temesváry, ceramics by Margaret Dósa, ceramics and carvings by Albertina Halácsy and Anita Bertók, watercolor landscapes, hand-painted cards and embroideries by Sr. Edith Németh (of Elizabeth, Pa.), macrame laces by visitors from Hungary, and many more local artists.

Also available is a video produced by the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society entitled "Flowers in the Snow."   Financed in part with a Grant from the Ohio Arts Council, this video showcases Hungarian embroidery and needlework.

For the convenience of our visitors, the Gift Shoppe also features a large selection of articles from and about Hungary not readily available elsewhere in Cleveland or even outside of Hungary.  A partial list includes music (CDs, cassettes, sheet music), books (cookbooks, language books, folkart books, children's books), videos (history, travelogues, embroidery, music and dance), maps, many different kinds of embroideries (tablecloths, doilies, blouses, vests, etc.), porcelain figurines (Holloháza, Herend, Zsolnay, folk pottery). At Christmas, Easter, and other major holidays, seasonal items are also available.  

DONATIONS:  The museum is always happy to accept donations of Hungarian articles (embroideries, books, etc.) for resale.  The item you longer want or need can easily become someone else's treasure, and you will also be helping to support the Museum!

All profits generated by the Gift Shoppe go toward the upkeep of the Museum.  The Shoppe is staffed entirely by volunteers, whose untiring and dedicated commitment has made the operation a resounding success.  The Gift Shoppe managers and volunteers are also willing to try and locate and/or special order items not in stock. Mail order for small to medium sized items is also available. 

Museum visitors all agree that the Gift Shoppe is a terrific place for browsing, or for finding Hungarian articles for themselves or to give as unique, one-of a-kind gifts.  The Museum Gift Shoppe is managed by Mrs. Mary Jane Molnár, and the volunteers who staff the museum are headed by Mrs. Kathy Gulden.

Please note:  volunteers are needed !
 -- Friends and Patrons of the Museum --
your help is being sought!

Please contact:
Hungarian Heritage Society
P. O. Box 24134
Cleveland, Ohio 44124
(216)  523-3900  

click here to e-mail us  



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