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You can call the Gift Shoppe/Museum at the Galleria at Erieview directly at 216  523-3900
(voice mail when not open)


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cleveland hungarian heritage society
p.o. box 24134
cleveland, ohio 44124
(440)  442-3466


If you believe that our Hungarian Heritage should be preserved and if you believe in the value of showing Hungarian culture in all its wonderful aspects, then please become a member of, or renew your membership in the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society & Museum.

Application for New/Renewal Membership.        Please return this form with your payment.


Address:   ________________________________________________________

City: ____________________________   State: ___________  Zip code: ________________

Referred by (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________

          _____ I am interested in volunteering.  Please contact me.

Telephone:   ( _____ ) ______ - _______  Fax: _____________________  E-mail: ____________

Annual membership fees are based on calendar year beginning in January 2006.

Membership is Tax Deductible and Entitles you to a Special Gift.

Check Membership Type

Annual Fee:
____     Retired Single $15.00
____     Retired Couple $20.00
____      Single $25.00
____      Couple $40.00

Booster:   $50.00 _____     Friend:   $75.00 _____

Mentor:   $100.00 _____    Other:  ______

Total Enclosed:   $_______________

Please make check payable to:   "Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society"

Mail to:   Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society
c/o Judith Torma, Membership Chair
1121 Fresno Dr.
Westlake, Ohio 44145


-------------------Print out form below, then cut here.----------------------------

A note from Ms. Judith Torma - Membership Chair:

Dear Museum Member,

Our 20011-2012 membership drive is in full swing. Membership fees help keep the museum doors open, allow us to host exhibits as well as publish the annual Review. It is members like yourself that allows the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society to thrive. CHHS is a unique cultural establishment. Please remember that your membership is tax deductible.


Members and Friends of the CHHS (Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society ) are urged to give of their time as volunteers to "man" and "woman" the Museum & also the Gift Shoppe during its open hours.

The Museum has had a wonderful response as of this date, but more volunteers are needed.  The hours spent in this service  will certainly aid the Museum, but it is also hoped that volunteers will find an interesting and pleasant experience as the Museum becomes a community resource and gathering place. Here then is an opportunity to serve which has the potential to enrich your life and that of your family and community.  To volunteer, or to learn more about volunteering, please call either of the numbers below:

 [To volunteer, or to learn more about volunteering, please call:]  

Mrs. Kathy Gulden,
Volunteers Coordinator  
(216) 523-3900
 or  381-0755

Please leave message on recorder if necessary.
[Your call will be returned as soon as possible.]

new.gifParking is available in the Galleria underground indoor garage, enter from Lakeside Avenue, just east of East 9th street.  


Mission statement of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum:

"The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society's mission is to preserve Hungarian  culture and the history of Hungarians in Northeast Ohio, so that present and future generations can draw upon its collection for education, inspiration, and enrichment.  To carry out its mission, the Society sponsors educational and research activities and operates a museum and a library as a repository for Hungarian historical, literary, and artistic items."

The Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

The mission of the Museum  -- ". . . to preserve Hungarian Culture. . . " -- and the programs of the Society  require continued funding.  The Endowment Fund was established to provide a reliable base of partial support in perpetuity.

A goal of $100,000.oo was determined.  A limitation of spending not more than 6% of the Fund's value annually means permanent support will be assured.  Please consider a gift to this Fund that will "live forever," enriching our community and preserving our Hungarian Heritage.


For information, contact  Mr. Elmer Mészáros (440)  247-5144

Members and Friends of the CHHS and the Hungarian Heritage Museum are asked to consider the needs of Museum and to spread the word among friends, relatives, and acquaintances, as well as  to organizations in which they are active.  It is hoped that each organization and each member or friend of the Hungarian-American community of Northeast Ohio will find it an important and worthwhile personal  goal to keep the doors of the Museum open.  The time has come to take an ownership position, i.e., to invest in this "venture," which has so much potential for each of us and for our community.  

Naturally, we also welcome the help and support of our friends outside the Northeast Ohio community as well.  We also invite and appreciate your new and/or continued support.

Mr. Elmer Mészáros , [Past] President of the CHHS], calls on us all to "bring us your ideas and energy." Let this Museum be a work in progress, never finished, always getting better, reflecting the creativity of our Hungarian-American community in the Western Reserve of Ohio.

Other Donations

The Hungarian Heritage Museum  is very happy to accept donations of artifacts from Hungarian or Hungarian American life, for example authentic folk costumes, crafts, paintings, embroideries or other needlework, books, photographs, or other documents.  Donors will be given a receipt, and since the Museum is registered as a non-profit, charitable institution, donors may be eligible for tax deductions.  [The Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.]

Once the articles are donated, they become the property of the  Museum, which assumes ownership.  The Museum reserves the right to display the articles, to place them in the gift shop for sale, to store them, or to pass them on to other organizations or individuals.

Individuals or organizations wishing to place articles on consignment should contact the Museum for specific details, as well as for terms and conditions.  The Museum reserves the right to accept or refuse articles.

Occasionally, the Museum is happy to accept articles on temporary loan for special exhibitions.  While the Museum will take all reasonable measures for the care of the articles, it unfortunately cannot guarantee that loss or damage will not occur.

Those wishing to lend or donate articles are asked to contact the Society & Museum at
216  523-3900   - OR -  440 442-3466 (Phone & Fax) - and leave message if no answer,  
or E-mail:


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