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Gulden-Kati-4  Gulden Györgyné, Katalin
Mrs. Kathy Gulden demonstrated her popular "körözött - appetizer cheese spread" recipe, at the
Cleveland Hungarian Congress, 2003
Photo by:  Marika Skerlán Viiberg

No Hungarian party is complete without an appetizer cheese spread called "körözött." Every family has its own special way of preparing it, and every classic collection of Hungarian recipes includes at least one version of "körözött."

All recipes call for three very important ingredients: a creamy type of cheese, paprika, and caraway seeds. Some Hungarians mix into it a lot of onion or chives, perhaps some blue cheese, mustard, or sour cream, while others add chopped anchovies or anchovy paste, and even beer! This version by Mrs. Kathy Gulden is always a big hit at receptions at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum, where Mrs. Gulden is Volunteer Committee chairperson.


1/2 csésze brindza sajt
8 "ounce" krém sajt   [cream cheese, 8 "ounce"-os csomag]
1 rúd margarin vagy vaj
1 kávéskanal édes nemes magyar paprika
1 kavéskanál köménymag


1/2 cup "Brindza" cheese
1 "8 oz". package cream cheese
1 stick margarine or butter (4 oz. / ½ cup)
1 TBSP sweet Hungarian paprika|
1 TBSP caraway seed

Girls stringing peppers in the region of Kalocsa


A hozzávalókat jól összekeverjük, majd hagyjuk állni egy pár órát a hûtõben, hogy az ízek összeérjenek. Szobahomérsékleten kínáljuk, igen finom német vagy magyar rozskenyér szeletekkel kínálva, vagy lehet sós keksszel is. A hagyományos hozzávaló ital, az a sör. 10-20 adagra megfelel, attól is függ, hogy mi mást teszünk a menüre.


Mix together all ingredients; refrigerate a few hours to meld flavors. Serve as a dip or spread, with small square slices of German or Hungarian rye bread, or salty crackers. This amount serves 10-20 people, depending on what other items are on the menu.



Brindza is a type of cheese made from the milk of sheep or goats. It is similar to feta cheese and of the same family. It has a soft, milky flavor. Sometimes it is called Liptauer cheese, or Hungarian "Liptai Túró."

Liptauer cheese is named for the province in Hungary where it originated, Liptau or Liptó. The cheese has very little flavor, so it is commonly seasoned with herbs, garlic, onions and paprika (which turns it red). Other frequently used flavorings include anchovies, capers and mustard.

Paprika is the dominant flavoring of Hungarian food and comes in three main varieties. The mild "sweet" and medium "noble sweet rose" are used to flavor salads, dairy dishes and roast meats. "Hot" paprika is favored for the more robust soups and stews.



rec-bk.jpgtippek.jpgUse only genuine "Brindza" cheese - otherwise you will not approximate the authentic Hungarian taste!   Feltétlenül s kizárólag csakis a "Brindza" nevu sajtot használjuk!.


A fõzési elõadasok résztvevõinek egy része
Part of the audience at the cooking demo at the

Cleveland Hungarian Congress, 2003:
Photo by:  Marika Skerlán Viiberg

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