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Courses, by department, for the concentration

EN399  Modern Literature of the Americas
EN499 Comparative Literature of the Americas

HS168  The Border/La Frontera 
HS170  Introduction to Latin American History and Culture
HS273  Colonial Latin American History
HS274  Modern Latin American History
HS397  Race and Gender in Latin America
HS397  Women and the Catholic Church
HS497  The Incas

PL380  Philosophy and Latin American Literature

Political Science:
PO254  Politics of Latin America
PO355  Catholicism in Political Development of Latin America
PO356  Politics of Mexico
PO357  Politics of  Central America
PO358  Politics of Brazil
PO458  Politics of Development and Underdevelopment
(with approval from instructor)

Religious Studies:
RL367  Ethics of Liberation Theology

Spanish Studies:
SP307  Popular Cultures of Spanish-Speaking Countries
SP314  Perspectives on Nations and Cultures of Latin America
SP327  Spanish American Literature I
SP328  Spanish American Literature II
SP329  Afro-Hispanic Literature
ML399  Hispanic Women Writers
SP427  20th Century Hispanic Poetry
SP463  Post-Modern Prose of the Southern Cone
SP464 Spanish-American Short Story
SP478 20th Century Spanish-American Drama

By Petition:
Any course determined to be appropriate by the LASC Committee can be used as an elective. This includes courses that are taken while on study abroad programs. It is highly recommended that study abroad courses be cleared for LASC credit before the student goes abroad.

As a general rule, the committee will approve courses that contain significant content on Latin America. This may include courses with significant content on Latinos in the United States. For example, SP307 (Hispanic Popular Culture), SP310 (Hispanic Film), and SP315 (Analysis of Literature) will meet this criterion if they devote 50 percent or more of the semester to subjects related to Latin American or Latino Studies.


Latin American and Latino Studies
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