The Mosaic of Sicily (ML280): Art, History, and Literature. The Bishop Pilla Program in Italian American Studies organized a trip to Sicily during the first week of March, 2002. John Carroll University's students, faculty, staff and many members of the Italian American Community in Ohio toured the many treasures of the island.

The trip was the culmination of the couse that Professor Casciani developed when she traveled to Sicily in the summer of 2000. The course explores the depth and wealth of history, literature, and art in Sicily. Mrs. Giuseppina Mileti offered a similar course for the Office of Continuing Education.

The group visited the many sites which display the influence of the Spanish, Arab, and Greek cultures. Among the many places they visited was Palermo, Sicily's largest city. They also toured the Palatine Chapel, the city's historical center, and Erice, a medieval town filled with myth and history.

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