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Business Information Systems
Business Logistics
Entrepreneurship Minor


John M. & Mary Jo Boler School of Business

Minors in the Boler School of Business

Minor in Entrepreneurship
The minor in entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary minor and can be found on pages 84-85.

Minor in Business
The minor in business is offered to those students who choose to major in a field of study within the College of Arts and Sciences but would like to receive a foundation in business.  The minor in business consists of a total of 30-33 credit hours and the following courses:

BI 107,108, and 109 Spreadsheet, Database and Communication Applications or demonstrated competency
0-3 cr.
AC 201-202 or
Accounting Principles
6 cr.
EC 201-202  Principles of Economics
6 cr.
MT 122 or MT 228 Statistics
3 cr.
MN 325 Organizational Behavior and Management
3 cr.
MK 301 Marketing Principles
3 cr.
Directed Elective  
3 cr.
   Choose one of the following:
EC 208 Business Statistics  
BI 200 Management Information Systems  
BI 326 Production/Operations Management
LG 328 Business Logistics  
Electives (2)    6 cr.

Upper-division courses in one of the majors in the Boler School with the exception of MN 499 (Strategic Management).
Please note the following:

  1. Students are encouraged to consider FN 312 (Business Finance) for one elective.  For those who choose FN 312, the second elective may be in any of the majors, subject to the same restrictions as above.
  2. Students not admitted to the Boler School of Business may not take more than 30 hours of Boler School course credit.  Therefore, students who choose a minor in business should not take MN 202 (Business Communications).
  3. Many business courses have prerequisites, which are strictly enforced.  Therefore, additional course work may be required to complete this minor.
  4. Students wishing to minor in business are advised to declare this intention in the office of the Boler School of Business at the beginning of their junior year.

Sequences in the Boler School of Business
Sequence programs are offered to post-baccalaureate students seeking knowledge in specific fields of study.  Blanket approval has been accorded the following slates of basic and professional courses for the available sequence programs:

Note:  Accountancy sequence students desiring professional certification must complete both the primary sequence as well as additional course work.  Students should discuss the various options with a member of the Department of Accountancy.

Primary Sequence
AC 201-202 Accounting Principles 6 cr.
AC 303-304 Intermediate Accounting 6 cr.
AC 312 Cost Analysis and Budgetary Control 3 cr.
AC 321 Federal Taxes 3 cr.
AC 341 Accounting Information Systems 3 cr.
AC 431 Auditing 3 cr.
MN 463-464 Business Law 6 cr.
Electives Select at least two of the following:  
AC 422 Federal Taxes II 3 cr.
AC 481 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 cr.
AC 483 Seminar in Controllership 3 cr.
AC 484 Financial Accounting Theory 3 cr.
AC 498 Independent Study 3 cr.
Additional Coursework  
MN 202 Business Communications 3 cr.
MN 325 Organizational Behavior and Management 3 cr.
EC 208 or MT 122 Statistics 3 cr.
EC 201-202 Principles of Economics 6 cr.
FN 312 Business Finance 3 cr.
MK 301 Marketing Principles 3 cr.
PL 311 Business Ethics 3 cr.
EC 201-202 Principles of Economics 6 cr.
MN 325 Organizational Behavior and Management 3 cr.
MK 301  Marketing Principles 3 cr.
MK 302   Consumer Behavior 3 cr.
MK 341 Advertising 3 cr.
MK 495 Marketing Management 3 cr.
MK elective Directed marketing elective 3 cr.
Human Resources Management  
CO 305 Interviewing 3 cr.
EC 101 or Introduction to Economic Problems and Policies or  
EC 201-202   Principles of Economics 3 cr.
EC 208 or MT 122 Statistics 3 cr.
MN 325 or    Organizational Behavior and Management or  
PS 359  Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3 cr.
MN 353 Labor Relations 3 cr.
MN 370 Staffing 3 cr.
MN 373 Training and Management Development 3 cr.
MN 376 Compensation Management 3 cr.


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