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French (FR)

Professor: H. N. Sanko; Associate Professors: M. N. Richards, M. Pereszlenyi-Pinter (Chair)

The program in French is offered by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures. (For general information about the department see page 167).  All courses are taught in French, unless otherwise noted.  The mission of the French section is to help students acquire knowledge of the languages, literatures, and cultures of France and Francophone countries.  Through beginning, intermediate, and advanced language courses, students develop the skills to read, write, speak, and understand French.  Courses on the literatures and cultures of French-speaking communities in France and in other countries of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America, as well as the French possessions in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, instill an appreciation of Francophone cultures in their diversity.  Extracurricular projects promote active engagement in cultural and linguistic exchanges.  In keeping with the broader liberal arts mission of John Carroll University, the French section seeks to train students in the skills of both critical analysis and written and oral argument, skills that they can use in graduate school or in their future professional and personal lives.  All students are also strongly encouraged to study in a French-speaking country.

Major and Minor Requirements

Major in French:  36 credit hours, including FR 315, 325, and 326. 

French track: May include one course (3 credit hours) with French or Francophone content from International Cultures (IC) or approved cognate areas.  A comprehensive examination is required.

French Studies track:  May include up to 4 courses (12 credit hours) with French or Francophone content from International Cultures (IC) or approved cognate areas.  A comprehensive examination is required.

Minor in French:  21 credit hours, beginning at any level.  Courses numbered 301-302 are strongly recommended for all majors and minors.  “Bridge courses” (those numbered 300 through 320) are also strongly recommended to improve language skills before taking on more advanced language, literature, and culture courses.

101. BEGINNING FRENCH I 3 cr.  Introduction to French language and culture, with focus on speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Film; lecture; individual, pair, and group work; computer-assisted instruction.  Students learn to ask and answer questions and share information about themselves, their families, and their daily activities.  For students with little or no previous exposure to French. (Fall)
102. BEGINNING FRENCH II 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 101 or equivalent.  Continuation of FR 101. (Spring)
201-202. FRENCH IN REVIEW I, II.  Prerequisite:  placement test or FR 102 or equivalent; FR 201 or equivalent prerequisite for FR 202.  Review of beginning French; study of authentic materials dealing with French and Francophone cultures.  Builds on all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), including vocabulary expansion, improved pronunciation, reading strategies, short compositions, and other writing assignments.  Classroom, multimedia, computer-assisted instruction.  (Fall-201, Spring-202)
291-292. INTERMEDIATE SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr. each. Supervised independent study of French at the intermediate level.
299. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.
301-302. FRENCH CONVERSATION AND COMPOSITION 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  placement test or FR 202 or equivalent.  Review of French with a focus on building oral and written proficiency through exposure to various media, including music, television, film, Internet, and print media. (Fall-301, Spring-302)
303. SELECTED SHORT READINGS IN FRENCH 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Introduction to reading literature in French.  Selections of popular, classical, and modern works, including short stories, dramatic works, and poetry presented in their cultural contexts.
304. THE QUEST FOR BEAUTY THROUGH FRENCH LITERATURE AND THE ARTS 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Study of French literature and visual and other arts (architecture, painting, sculpture, and music, including the ballet); representative sampling of works from various literary periods.
306. FRENCH FOR BUSINESS 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  No previous study of business expected. Emphasis on terminology and practices of commercial French.  Introduction to the world of business and technology in France and Francophone countries.  Study of socioeconomic issues affecting business; everyday commercial activities such as job interviews, on-the-job routines, banking.  Continued development of language skills appropriate to the course topic and level of students.  Students have the option to take the examination for the “Diplôme” offered by the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris.
307. THE MEDIA AND POPULAR CULTURE IN FRANCE 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Representative sampling and comparative analysis of television, radio, and the press, and also as reflected in popular culture.
309. LA LOUISIANE HIER ET AUJOURD’HUI 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Historical, literary, and cultural legacy of French Louisiana from the colonial period to the present day.  Emphasis on creole and cajun cultures and literature of French expression.
311. FRENCH CIVILIZATION 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Examination through texts, films, and other media of major historical, intellectual, and artistic influences that have shaped the evolution of French civilization.  Identification of values and myths that have contributed to the formation of modern France and continue to influence contemporary French culture.
312. LE QUÉBEC ET L’AMÉRIQUE 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Culture, history, literature and film of French-speaking Canada with emphasis on Québec.
314. FRANCOPHONE COUNTRIES 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Ideological and cultural developments in the French-speaking countries of Europe, Africa, and the Americas (Québec, French Antilles, French-speaking U.S.A., and French Guyana).  Selected excerpts from works of the literary and artistic production of each country.
315. EXPLICATION DE TEXTES 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Introduction to French literature and culture through the analysis of the principal literary forms:  poetry, drama, and prose.  Texts chosen chronologically from French and Francophone literatures.  Suggested prerequisite for all other French literature courses; may be taken simultaneously with other French courses at the 300 level or above.
319. PARIS-PLAISIR 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Historical, literary, and cultural legacy of the city of Paris and surrounding area, through literature (poetry, novel, drama), cultural readings, and discussion of contemporary film.
320. WOMEN IN FRENCH LITERATURE AND CULTURE 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  FR 202 or equivalent.  Female authors and their literary legacy through the centuries.  Excerpts from works by Marie de France, Christine de Pisan, Catherine Des Roches, Madame de Sévigné, George Sand, Colette, Marguerite Yourcenar, Simone de Beauvoir, Andrée Chédid, Anne Hébert, Mariama Bâ, Maryse Condé, Assia Djebar, Hélène Cixous, and Julia Kristeva.
325, 326. READINGS IN FRENCH LITERATURE 3 cr. each.  Prerequisite:  FR 315 or equivalent or permission of instructor.  FR 325: Middle Ages through the French Revolution; FR 326: 19th century to present day.
398. SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr.  Supervised independent study.  Permission of instructor.
399. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr. Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.
402. ADVANCED GRAMMAR, SYNTAX, AND COMPOSITION 3 cr.  Theory and practice of correct grammatical usage based on everyday as well as literary language; guided and creative exercises in advanced composition.
428. MARTINIQUE & GUADELOUPE IN LITERATURE & FILM 3 cr.  Study of French literature and film from the French Antilles (also known as the Caribbean Islands), with emphasis on culture via readings in postcolonial literature, and viewing and discussion of related films.  Authors under study:  Aimé Césaire, Joseph Zobel, Françoise Ega, and Maryse Condé.
465. FRENCH FICTION AND FILM 3 cr.  Discussion of literary texts and their film versions.  Special attention to the changes in narration, structure, and development of the subject.
480. EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES AND THE ENLIGHTENMENT 3 cr.  Readings from selected authors and Diderot’s Encylopedia.
498. ADVANCED SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr.  Supervised independent study on special topics.  For advanced students, by permission of instructor.
499. SPECIAL TOPICS 1-3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.

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