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Greek (GK)

Professor:  T. R. Nevin; Associate Professor:  G. Compton-Engle

The program in Greek is offered by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures.

Major and Minor Requirements

For complete information on the major and minor in Classical Languages and Classical Studies, see page 167.  For courses in Latin, see page 250.

101. BEGINNING GREEK I 3 cr.  Introduction to ancient Greek, the language of Socrates, Homer, and the New Testament, through study of the fundamentals of grammar and vocabulary.  Emphasis on the development of reading skills.  (Fall)
102. BEGINNING GREEK II 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  GK 101 or equivalent.  Continued study of ancient Greek language and culture through further acquisition of fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.  Continued reading and discussion of passages.  (Spring)
232. GREEK AUTHORS 3 cr.  Continued development of reading skills through reading from one selected author, such as Homer, Xenophon, Plato, or Lysias.  Discussion of the author’s thought and historical context.  May be repeated with a different author.
280. READING IN THE GOSPELS 3 cr.  Readings from one of the Gospels may be repeated with a different author.  Focus on New Testament vocabulary and syntax.
281. THE LETTERS OF PAUL 3 cr.  Readings from the Pauline epistles.  Focus on New Testament vocabulary and syntax.
301. GREEK WRITING 3 cr.  Practice in writing idiomatic Greek prose.
320. PLATO 3 cr.  Selected works.  Projects on Plato’s philosophical theories.
330. GREEK HISTORICAL PROSE 3 cr.  Reading from the works of one selected Greek historian, such as Herodotus, Thucydides, or Xenophon.  Projects in Greek historiography.  May be repeated with a different author.
340. HOMER 3 cr.  Readings of selections from the Iliad or Odyssey. Special attention paid to Homeric vocabulary and syntax, the composition of the epics, the Epic Cycle, and Homer’s influence.
398. SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr.  Supervised independent study.  Permission of instructor required.
399. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.
442. GREEK LYRIC 3 cr.  Poetry from the archaic and classical periods of Greece, including such authors as Archilochus and Sappho.  Examination of the themes of love, war, and the symposium.  Emphasis on the personal voice and the poet’s persona, the cultural context of the poetry, and the genesis of important literary genres.
450. GREEK DRAMA 3 cr.  Reading from the plays of one of the following:  Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menander.  Projects on the origins of drama, historical background, social and political ideas of the times, and staging conventions.  May be repeated with a different author.
490. HISTORY OF GREEK LITERATURE 3 cr.  Survey of writings from Homer to the Alexandrian period, with extensive readings in the major authors.  Reflection of these works in modern literature.
498. ADVANCED SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr.  Supervised study on special topics.  For advanced students.  May be repeated with a different subject matter.
499. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.

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