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Russian (RS)

Associate Professor:  G. Sabo, S.J.

The study of the Russian language and culture helps students become acquainted with a major country, in land mass the largest in the world.  Beginning Russian (RS 101-102) develops novice levels in skills of reading, understanding, writing, and speaking Russian. IC [International Cultures] 230 and 231 enable students to read in English classic Russian short fiction from 1800 to the present in the context of two other Slavic literatures—Slovak and Czech.

The University Core Curriculum and Foreign Language:

  • Two semesters of a foreign language are a required part of the humanities and liberal arts Core curriculum at John Carroll University. 

Russian and your career:

  • Russian is important for students interested in art history, business, diplomacy, engineering, humanities, law, philosophy, political science, computer science, religious studies, and natural sciences.
  • A knowledge of Russian is extremely useful for future scientists and engineers.  Nearly a quarter of all scientific literature is written in Russian. 
  • Russian is an excellent choice also for business majors wishing to tap into the still unsaturated markets of the former Soviet Union.
  • There are many marketing and other business exchange opportunities in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.  Many businesses are eager to engage in import/export with the U.S.

101. BEGINNING RUSSIAN I 3 cr.  Intensive functional approach to the four language skills in a cultural context.  Classroom, multimedia, computer-assisted instruction. (Fall)
102. BEGINNING RUSSIAN II 3 cr.  Prerequisite:  RS 101 or equivalent.  Amplification of language skills in a cultural context. (Spring)
191-192. BEGINNING SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr. each.  Supervised independent study of Russian at the beginning level.
199. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.
201-202. INTERMEDIATE RUSSIAN I, II 3 cr. each.  Prerequisite:  RS 102 or equivalent.  Further development of the four language skills for communication in a cultural context; expansion of vocabulary, idiomatic usage, and grammar.  RS 201 or equivalent prerequisite to RS 202. (Fall-201, Spring-202)
291-292. INTERMEDIATE SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr. each.  Supervised independent study in Russian at the intermediate level.
398. SUPERVISED STUDY 3 cr.  Supervised independent study.  Permission of instructor.
399. SPECIAL TOPICS 3 cr.  Occasional course on a selected topic announced in advance.

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