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Ignatian Spirituality Institute
The Ignatian Spirituality Institute (ISI) offers an educational program for the training of spiritual directors in the tradition of the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola.  It is ideally suited to those interested in the ministry of spiritual direction and/or retreat work.  More generally, the ISI offers adult Christians of any denomination theological and spiritual tools for deepening Christian life and ministry, whether in the home, parish, congregation, or workplace.  Since the ISI is an affiliate program of the Department of Religious Studies, all of its courses are conducted at John Carroll University.

The ISI is a non-credit, non-degree certificate program running concurrently with the fall-spring academic calendar at the University.  It is designed around three areas of study:  theology/scripture, spirituality, and psychology/communication skills.  Year I is academically focused; classes meet twice a month in the evenings along with occasional weekend workshops.  Year II is focused on the supervised practicum in spiritual direction.
Requirements for admission include a written spiritual autobiography, three letters of recommendation, a record of education and work history, and an interview with the ISI Admissions Committee.  Generally it is expected that ISI candidates will have completed a college degree, have several years of steady work and a variety of life experiences.  The ISI Admissions committee may make exceptions to these general criteria.
Presently, the ISI is endowed by a generous grant from the F. J. O’Neill Charitable Corporation and by additional gifts from a variety of donors.

For further information, contact the Ignatian Spirituality Institute office at 216-397-1599.  Director:  Dr. Joan Nuth, Department of Religious Studies.

Institute for Educational Renewal (IER)
The Institute for Educational Renewal (IER) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the academic achievement of students in urban and inner-ring suburban elementary, K-8, and middle school classrooms.  In partnership with John Carroll University since 1991, IER literacy coaches work directly with classroom teachers, principals, and parents in offering an innovative, on-site school renewal program that focuses on effective teaching and learning, encourages collaborative leadership, and promotes a positive school culture.  IER’s mission is to improve the quality of education for children in Greater Cleveland and to foster the development of child-centered learning communities focused on student achievement.

IER’s program is based on a comprehensive literacy approach that balances reading, writing, language, and word study.  Literacy coaches work one-on-one with teachers modeling literacy strategies in the classroom, in small groups facilitating grade level and leadership team meetings, and in supporting parent literacy groups within each school.  Among IER’s supporting activities are classroom libraries, school-based study groups, and district-wide learning communities.  IER implements a wide variety of professional development activities, including on-site graduate courses offered through John Carroll University.  IER also coordinates school-wide retreats to facilitate learning and professional dialogue among teachers, administrators, and parents.  The IER Leadership Network provides workshops, seminars, conferences, and other professional development activities to teachers, administrators, and parents within and across school districts throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

IER is governed by an advisory committee with expertise in non-profit leadership, education, business, human resources, law, marketing, and public relations.  The director works closely with the advisory committee, as well as John Carroll administration, faculty, and staff in guiding IER’s activities.  John Carroll serves as IER’s fiscal/administrative agent, and members of John Carroll’s faculty and administration belong to its advisory committee.

Institute of Catholic Studies
Over the centuries the Catholic tradition has encountered many opportunities to formulate faith in the context of the intellectual and scientific climate of the age.  The Institute of Catholic Studies examines this interaction through a variety of initiatives:  an undergraduate interdisciplinary concentration in Catholic Studies (see page 87); faculty development workshops and seminars; sponsorship of a public lecture series; course development grants; and publication of Prism magazine.  Each of these programs seeks to highlight, within the history of ideas, the contribution of Catholic intellectuals and scholars from a variety of disciplines.  The institute also promotes the investigation of the interaction between the Church and society.  Director:  Dr. Paul V. Murphy, Department of History.


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