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Current Faculty
Adjunct Faculty &
Retired Faculty
Faculty Awards
Directors, Administrators, Committees
Endowed Centers, Chairs, Professorships and Lectureships


Directors, Administrators, Committees

Campus Ministry

William M. Bichl, S.J., M.A., Campus Minister/Alumni Relations
Paula A. Fitzgerald, M.Div., Campus Minister/Coordinator of Retreats

John B. Scarano, M.A., Director, Campus Ministry
V. Gail Roussey, M.A., Campus Minister/Coordinator of Liturgy

Administrative and Professional Staff

George A. Alaimo, B.A., Desktop Systems Specialist
Catherine T. Anson, M.A., Director of Sponsored Research
David R. Armsworthy, B.A., Service Coordinator, Human Resources
Judith G. Aungst, M.A., Director, Arts & Sciences and Alumni Career Services
Mary Ball, M.A., M.S., Counselor, University Counseling Center
Katharyn Battistone, B.A., Admission Counselor
Peter R. Bernardo, M.S., Director, Planned Giving
Michael Bestul, M.S., Chief Information Officer
Bernard R. Beyer, Director of Physical Plant
Richard D. Blamer, M.B.A., Information Technology Coordinator, Boler School of Business
Richard J. Bretz, Director, Construction
Joan E. Brosius, B.A., Manager of Alumni Records
Kenneth R. Brownlie, B.A., Oracle Application Developer
Gayle T. Bruno-Gannon, Assistant to the Dean for M.B.A., Boler School of Business
James A. Burke, M.B.A., Director, Computing Systems and Services
Ashlee Burrs, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Student Activities
Donna L. Byrnes, M.A., Associate Dean of Students
Leisa A. Campbell, B.S., Desktop Systems Specialist
Cynthia Caporella, Ph.D., Director of Liturgical Music and Musical Arts
John Carfagno, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing and Communication
Santa Casciani, Ph.D., Director, Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian American Studies
Tonya Strong-Charles, B.A., University News Director
John Clifford, CPA, M.A.FIS., Assistant Controller
Frank S. Congin, M.A., Assistant Director, Center for Global Education
Fr. Donald Cozzens, Ph.D., Writer in Residence
Mary Cretella, B.A., Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
R. Ryan Daly, B.S., Director, Development
Patricia A. Dawson, M.Ed., Associate Director, Client Services
Elizabeth Day, M.S., Data Specialist, Reading First
Anthony J. DeCarlo, M.A., Director of Athletic Alumni Development
Kathleen Lis Dean, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Assessment and Planning in Student Affairs
Deanna L. DePenti, B.A., Assistant to the Director of Institutional Research; Commencement Coordinator
Carol P. Dietz, M.S.E., Associate Vice President of Facilities
Kathleen J. DiFranco, M.A., Registrar
Rebecca A. Dinnen, B.A., Director, Transfer & Int'l Admission
Ronald P. Dolciato, M.Ed., Program Coordinator, Physical Education & Exercise Science
Doris K. Donnelly, Ph.D., Director, Cardinal Suenens Center
Duane A. Dukes, Ph.D., Director, Instructional Media Services
Patrick Ertle, Esq., Senior Director, Development
Beth Egan, B.A., Assistant Registrar
Christopher M. Faiver, Ph.D., Coordinator, Community Counseling Program, Department of Education and Allied Studies
Thomas P. Fanning, B.A., Director of Admission and Retention
Jean Fernandez, B.B.A., Manager of Payroll/Accounts
Margaret Finucane, Ph.D., Director, Center for Service and Social Action
Hilary Flanagan, M.Ed., Director, Center for Career Services
Andrew F. Fronczek, M.S.I.A., Director, Purchasing and Auxiliary Services
Carla Gall, Reunion Coordinator
Hallie Gallagher, B.A., Assistant Director, Development
Kristy Gardner, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Barbara Garson, Ph.D., Director, Initial Licensure Program, Department of Education and Allied Studies
Gail Gehring, Manager, Student Records
Mary Giorgis, B.S.B.A., Advancement Tech Supprt Specialist, University Advancement
Linda M. Gojak, M.Ed., Director, Center for Mathematics and Science Education, Teaching, and Technology
George G. Goodrich, B.S.B.A., Executive in Residence, Boler School of Business
Janetta Hammock, M.A., Director, Multicultural Affairs
Mary Ann Hanicak, M.A., Assistant to Vice President, Student Affairs
Patricia Harris, M.B.A., Director, Development Services
Kevin M. Hatgas, B.A., Admission Counselor
Mark K. Hauserman, M.B.A., Director, Entrepreneurs Association
Martin R. Hoehler, M.A., Coordinator of Bands
Garry J. Homany, M.B.A., Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Risk Management
Brian Hurd, B.A., Assistant Director, Campus Safety Services
Nancy Jasany, B.S., Circulation, Grasselli Library
Mary E. Javorek, Ph.D., Counselor, University Counseling Center
Eric J. Johnson, B.S., Client/Server Specialist
Megan Juby, B.A., Associate Director, Development
David A. Kaleal, M.B.A., Associate Director, Server Systems
Christopher Kerr, M.Ed., Coordinator of Social Justice Initiatives
Kenneth Kesegich, B.A., University Editor
Karen Ketchaver, M.A., Unit Leader, Grasselli Library
Michael L. Kimmel, M.Ed., Science Educator, Graduate Studies
Robert P. Kirschner, M.A., Director, Annual Giving
Alexander Klayman, M.S., Information Technology
Ryan C. Knotts, M.B.A., M.S., Coordinator, Developmental Programming; Judicial Officer
Melissa Koenig, M.A., Area Coordinator
Robert J. Kolesar (HS), Ph.D., Director, Honors Program
Barbara Koeth, Job Development/On-Campus
Mark Krieger, M.A., Director, Radio Station
Janet Krevh, R.N., Director, Student Health Center
Suzanne Krupa, B.S., Assistant to the Dean, Boler School of Business
Vilnis E. Kubulins, M.S., Research Associate and Machine Shop Supervisor
Jeffrey S. LaFavre, Ph.D., Coordinator, Language Learning Center
Valentino Lassiter, D.Min., Pastor in Residence
Mary Lavin, M.S.S.A., Director, Alumni Relations
Paul J. Lauritzen, Ph.D., Director, Program in Applied Ethics
Lisa Lawrence, M.A., Admissions
George Leggiero, M.A., Unit Leader/Circulation, Grasselli Library
Je-Onn Lem, B.S., Desktop Supprt Specialist
Lisa A. Lewis, B.A., Media Services Coordinator
Heather L. Losneck, M.A., Director, Residence Life
Michael MacDonald, B.S.,  Videographer, IMS Support Analyst
John T. Mack, M.A., Area Coordinator, Residence Life
Langston H. Maclin, Automation Technician, Grasselli Library
Cynthia D. Marco, Ph.D., Career Counselor and Coordinator of Education
Nicholas J. Marino, Web Systems Engineer
Nicole McCormick, B.S., Accountant
Lisa Meeks, M.A., Director, Services to Students with Disabilities
Kathleen Michael, M.B.A., Assistant to Vice President, Finance
Patricia E. Michalak, Analyst/Relational Specialist
Giuseppina Mileti, M.A., Coordinator, Bishop Anthony M. Pilla Program in Italian American Studies
Joseph B. Miller, Ph.D., Director, Summer Programs
Charlotte A. Moore, B.S., Oracle Data Base Administrator
Liliana Morales, B.A., Admissions
Lloyd Moreland, M.S., Assistant Director, Instructional Media Services, College of Arts and Sciences
Tiffany Morgan, B.A., Admissions
Andrew D. Morse, Ph.D., Director, Writing Center
Paul V. Murphy, Ph.D., Director, Institute of Catholic Studies
Julie Mostov, B.S., University Advancement
Keith B. Nagy, M.F.A., Director, Technical Theatre
Robert E. Niemocienski, M.B.A., Oracle Application Developer
Deborah Nixon, Assistant Grants Coordinator, Literacy Specialist Program, Department of Education and Allied Studies
Robert T. Noll, M.A., Director, Journalism Program/Carroll News
Joan M. Nuth, Ph.D., Director, Ignatian Spirituality Institute
Kyle E. O’Dell, M.A., Assistant Director, Residence Life
Elizabeth Osicki, M.A., Center for Career Services
Rafael Pacheco, B.S., Systems Administrator
LaMarr Parker, B.S., Associate Director, Networking
Tracee Patterson, M.A., Coordinator, Community-Based Learning, Center for Service & Social Action
Elizabeth Parsons, M.S., Research Compliance Administrator
Carol Paull, M.Ed., Director, Field Experiences and Professional Development, Department of Education and Allied Studies
Edward J. Peck Ph.D., Executive Director, Ignatian Colleague Programs (ICP)
Marie Perri, B.A., Housing Coordinator
Timothy Peppard, B.A., Director, Campus Safety Services
Rosalyn Platt, M.A., Advisor, Career Services
June Poole, B.S., Director, Web Services
Vivienne E. S. Porter, M.B.A., Admissions, Graduate Studies
Patrick K. Prosser, M.S.E., Director, Financial Aid
Dora J. Pruce, B.A., Director of Government and Community Relations
Doris M. Pudloski, M.B.A., Director, Institutional Research
Lisa M. Ramsey, M.Ed., Director, Student Activities
John M. Reebel, B.S., Associate Director, Administrative Computing Services
Thomas Reilley, B.A., Manager of Auxiliary Services
Robert C. Reiter, B.A., Human Resources Assistant, Department of Military Science
Kevin Riordan, Assistant Vice President, Development
Vivian Robert Atsu, B.A., Research Assistant, Reading First
Michael P. Roeder, B.A., Manager, Facility Services
John M. Ropar, Ph.D., Director, University Counseling Center
Catherine Rosemary, Ph.D., Director, Literacy Specialist Program, Department of Education and Allied Studies
V. Gail Roussey, M.A., Campus Ministry
Dennis H. Rowinski, M.B.A., Director, Administrative Computing Services
Mary Rycyna, M.A., Director, Development
Debora L. Schmitt, B.A., Payroll Administrator
Michele Scott Taylor, Ed.D., Coordinator, Access and Retention
Shirley Seaton, Ed.D. Liaison for Community Affairs
Andreas Sobisch, Ph.D., Director, Center for Global Education
Jeanne Somers, M.L.S., M.P.A., Ph.D., Director, Grasselli Library
Theresa K. Spada, B.S.B.A., Alumni  & Special Events Coordinator 
Michael J. Spicuzza, B.S.B.A., Comptroller for Jesuit Community
James E. Spitznagel, B.S., Network Engineer
Lori L. Sprague, M.B.A., Human Resources Information Systems Analyst
John R. Stankiewicz, B.S., Client Server Specialist
Theodore Steiner, M.A., Program Coordinator, Center for Service and Social Action
Nicholas A. Stoll, B.S., Desktop Systems Specialist
Charles (Bud) Stuppy, M.S.OD, M.A., Director of Human Resources
Jay Tarby, Ph.D., Director, Instructional Technology Services
Patricia Thompson, B.A., Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources
Matthew J. Verleny, B.A., Accountant
Steven P. Vitatoe, M.B.A., Director of Enrollment Operations
Jennifer Vokoun, M.A., Director, Creative Services
Diane M. Ward, B.F.A., J.D., Bursar and Director of Student Accounts
Faith A. Whitworth, M.A.T., Laboratory Coordinator, Department of Chemistry
Jared Wicks, S.J., Th.D., Theologian and Writer in Residence
William B. Wilhelm, Telecommunications Specialist
Kristen L. Willis, I.I.D.A., Interior Designer
Robert Windle, M.A., Advisor, Career Services
David W. Wong, B.S., CPA, Director, Budget and Financial Analysis
Jeffrey A. Your, C.S.M.M., M.B.A., Science Buyer; Central Scientific Stores and Laboratory Support Services
Charles M. Zarobila, Ph.D., Curator of Special Collections, Grasselli Library

Athletic Administration and Coaching Staff

Elmore Banton, M.Ed., Associate Head Track Coach
Tracy L. Blasius, B.S., Head Coach, Women’s Soccer; Assistant Director, Sports Information; Assistant Coach, Softball
Raymond T. Bolger, B.A., Assistant Equipment Manager
Brian Cochran, M.Ed., Assistant Coach, Football
Jane Evans, B.A., Interim Assistant Director/External Operations
Lewis H. Fellinger, B.S., Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Diving
Dara Ford, B.A., Head Coach, Cross Country and Track
Andrew J. Hoffman, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Athletics/External Operation
Sandra M. Howard, M.A., Director, Recreation/Intramurals/Club Sports
Erin Brooks Kingsbury, B.A., Head Coach, Softball
Diane Koury, Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Tennis
Matthew T. Lenhart, M.Ed., Head Coach, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, Women’s Golf
Kristie C. Maravalli, M.S., Head Coach, Women’s Basketball; Women’s Strength Coach
Hector Marinaro, Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Laurie J. Massa, M.Ed., Director of Athletics
Donald J. McPhillips, M.S., A.T.C./L., Head Athletic Trainer
Michael J. Moran, B.S.B.A., Head Coach, Men’s Basketball/Golf
Julie A. O’Connell-Prusock, M.Ed., A.T.C./L., Assistant Athletic Trainer; Director of Summer Sports Day
James P. Pancher, M.A., Director, Athletic Facilities/Equipment
Cally Plummer, Head Coach, Volleyball
Regis Scafe, M.Ed., Head Coach, Football
Craig Smith, B.A., Assistant Football Coach
Marc N. Thibeault, B.S., Head Coach, Baseball; Assistant Intramural Director
Kerry R. Volkmann, M.Ed., Head Coach, Wrestling; Assistant Coach, Football
Gretchen Weitbrecht, M.A., Associate Director of Athletics
Christopher Wenzler, B.A., Director, Sports Information

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