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You can find forms to help run your organization smoothly here! Make sure to note if the form needs to be printed, signed and turned into the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) or if you can simply complete it online. As always, if you have questions, please contact

There are a number of ways to find money to support the goals and events for your organization. You can request money from the Student Organization Budget Board or complete a diversity programming application, if appropriate. Remember, you can always implement a dues structure for your group, do a fundraiser and/or collaborate with other groups, as well. Be creative!

Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB) Budget Forms

Funding from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) is meant to serve John Carroll students and the SOBB serves to ensure that this is taking place within student organizations. To request funding in any of the areas below, the student organization shall complete one or more of the following budget request forms listed below. The list of upcoming Budget Board meeting dates can be used to plan your request in advance.

The SOBB Operating Fund Request Form is used to support the internal functions of the organization, such as office supplies, binders for the organizations’ executive board, and printing supplies, such as flyers to advertise meetings. Organizations can only request up to $100 per semester. The $100 is not guaranteed to each organization; it must be requested in order to be used.

The SOBB Program/Event Request Form is to be used for supplies, food, decorations, tickets, publicity, performance fees, or other expenses incurred while planning, promoting, and implementing an on-campus event or program open to all students of John Carroll University.

The SOBB Travel/Conference Form is to be used for any student organization that is sending members to an event/conference. It can include registration fee, lodging, and transportation. This form is also used for driving to an event, such as requests for gas money.

The SOBB Service Request Form is to be used by student organizations for service projects and organization needs. Some examples include executive board needs, printing supplies, and project supplies.

Diversity Programming Application Form

A portion of the Student Activity Fee monies have been allocated to support programming designed to improve the student experience by fostering a climate of inclusiveness and respect. Specifically, funds are available for programs that focus on raising awareness, knowledge, and skills promoting a culture of inclusiveness related to one or more of the following areas: race, ethnicity, gender, religion, ability, or socioeconomic status. All proposals must have students as the primary focus. Proposals will be accepted from students, student organizations, faculty, and staff. All requests must be made 10 business days in advance of the intended program’s start date.

To request funds from the cultural awareness series please click here [link to form, please migrate].

These forms are designed to help you begin a student organization and become a registered and recognized student organization on campus. If you have any questions about this process, please contact a staff member in the Office of Student Engagement at or 216.397.4288.

SOBB Request for Student Organization Petition

SOBB Application for Student Organization Recognition

Use this constitution document as a guide to creating your own to govern your own student organization: Model Constitution

The following is a list and brief explanation of several forms applicable to authorizations and requests. Some of these forms are available only in duplicate and therefore are available outside the Office of Student Engagement, located in Suite 201 of the Lombardo Student Center (above the bookstore).

Apparel and Promotional Item Approval Form – If an organization is going to purchase apparel (i.e. t-shirts) or other promotional items (i.e. cups, frisbees, etc.), it is critical that the group seek approval from the OSE before going to print. The student organization needs to make sure that the design of any item that will promote the organization and/or its event(s) accurately depicts the mission of the organization and the University. To begin this process, complete this form, attach the proposed design, and submit it. It is highly encouraged for student organizations to use Consolidus, which is our preferred vendor for apparel and promotional items.

Contract Agreement – This form is used to enter into a contact agreement with a vendor or performer that does not have an agency contract. Student organizations leaders can complete this contract with information from the artist, and then submit it to Lisa Ramsey in the Office of Student Engagement to sign. A contract is also needed in order to complete Check Requests with the Accounts Payable department.

Digital Signage Graphic Request – This form is used to request for an event to be promoted on the large television screen in the atrium (aka: Lobovision). This form is received, approved and facilitated by the Integrated Marketing Department and needs to be submitted at least 7 days before the desired shown date.

Driver Certification Request Form – This form is used to begin the van fleet certification process. This form must be submitted to the OSE along with a copy of the driver’s license, motor vehicle record, and minimal required certification fee.

Fixed Exhibits/Chalking Form (as part of the Protest and Rally Policy) – This form is used to display a fixed exhibit/chalking as referenced in the Protest & Rally Policy). This form needs to be completed at least 2 days prior to being displayed.

Fundraising Form – This form is used to seek approval for an organization’s fundraiser or fundraising event to make sure it is line with University fundraising, gambling, and solicitation policies as well as to coordinate the timing of potentially similar fundraisers.

Special Publicity Request Form – Please print out this form linked below, complete it and submit it to the office of student engagement. This form is used to approve special publicity requests, including atrium windows, sidewalk chalking, floor publicity, napkin holders, mailbox stuffers, or outdoor staking/signs.

Request for Events with Alcohol – This form is used to inform and approve an organization’s social function that involves alcohol. This form must be completed in its entirety and submitted online at least 21 days in advance of the event.

Speaker Registration Form – This form is used to gain approval for speakers that student organizations would like to invite to campus.

Van Fleet Policies & Procedures – Please visit this page for more information on how to request a University-owned van.