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Vietnam Study Abroad

Dr. Nathan Gehlert leads a short-term study-abroad course in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for John Carroll students. Frequently, Drs. Tracy Masterson (psychology) and Martina Moore (counseling) also travel to Vietnam and participate in the course. The course fulfills the requirement for CG563 Diversity Issues, or may be taken as an elective in the Department of Counseling or Department of Psychology.

The course is an exciting opportunity to learn about issues related to multicultural counseling and diversity while experiencing an encounter of self and other in a foreign culture. Travel dates are May 27 - June 8.

The 2018 course itinerary can be viewed here to give a sense of what the 2020 course will entail. Here are some preliminary highlights about the course:

  • Attend four days of combined class with psychology students at USSH to learn together in a multicultural setting. This component will be co-taught by a Vietnamese professor, Mr. Nguyễn Huỳnh Luân.
  • Visits to hospitals, schools, clinics, and for-profit centers to experience how the fields of counseling and psychology are developing in Vietnam.
  • Students will participate in a psychology conference to learn about various topics relevant to the field of psychology in Vietnam.
  • Cultural exploration in Ho Chi Minh City, including museums, markets, restaurants, and nightlife.
  • Visits to Buddhist Pagoda and Catholic Convent to learn about the role of religion and spirituality in a communist country.
  • Day trips to the Mekong Delta and Cu Chi tunnels.

The cost of the course is $4,490, which includes tuition and all travel costs – airfare, hotel, two meals each day, local transportation, entrance fees for cultural excursions and day trips, and Vietnam visa. Students are responsible for costs associated with obtaining a passport and any necessary vaccinations. Students on financial aid are encouraged to speak with the Student Enrollment and Financial Services office about aid eligibility during the summer term.

Please use the online application to apply for the course. Applications will be reviewed by Drs. Gehlert, Masterson, and Moore and other John Carroll faculty who have worked in Vietnam. The course is limited to 10 students.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Enrolled as a student in the Department of Counseling or Department of Psychology at time of application.
  • Must be in good standing academically.
  • Ability to represent John Carroll abroad in a manner that will promote its reputation.
  • Ability to interact with students and faculty of a different culture in a sensitive and mutually respectful manner.
  • Mature, independent, self-reliant student who is determined to integrate fully into a new culture.
  • Ability of the student to cope with loneliness.
  • Ability of the student to afford to participate.
  • Strength of support from references.

Important Dates:

December 2: Application deadline and $1,000 deposit due*
December 15: Notification of acceptance and submit passport application, if needed
January 15: $2,000 installment due
March 23: Summer registration ($500 course fee)
April 1: $990 final installment due
April: Travel clinic (exact date TBD)

*Check should be submitted to Melanie Hahn in the Global Education office (made out to John Carroll University). The $1,000 deposit is fully refundable for students who are not chosen to participate. The $1,000 deposit is not refundable once a student is accepted. After January 15, the amount that will not be refunded is $2,000. After March 23, no refunds will be given.