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Theatre Minor

All the world's a stage, so come express your creative side and enrich your primary program of study. Training in the art of performance and theatre will enhance your communication skills for any number of fields, including law, politics, teaching, sales, marketing and management.

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Minor Requirements

Undergraduate Bulletin for students enrolling after Fall 2019.

Minor in Theatre (18 credits):
1. EN 233 Acting for the Stage

2. EN 234 Directing for the Stage

3. Two of the following:
EN 232 Intro to the Theatre
EN 222 Intro to Shakespeare
EN 203 Intro to Short Fiction
CL 250 Classical Drama 

4. One of the following:
EN 235 North American Theatre
EN 238 International Theatre

5. EN 432 Theatre Capstone

Get Involved

students performing on stage

The Little Theatre Society provides theatre experience for students interested in various phases of dramatic production. Open tryouts are held for performances given several times each academic year. The facilities include the Marinello Little Theatre and Kulas Auditorium. Participation in the Little Theatre Society may lead to membership in Alpha Psi Omega, a national theatre honorary society.