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B.A. in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

The major has 36 credit hours (12 courses) distributed in a way to maximize flexibility for the student. These include: three required courses, three courses selected–one each from three groups, and six additional courses of the student’s choosing.

  • GEND 101 Introduction to Gender Studies (or WGS-101 Intro to Women’s Studies)
  • GEND 400 Critical Feminist Inquiry
  • GEND 410 Internship & Seminar

Complete one course from Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 below (9 credit hours):

  • Group 1: Core Gender courses (3 credit hours):
    • EN-491 Feminist Literary Criticism
    • HS-197 Sptp: Women in the Contemporary World*
    • PL-330 Feminist Philosophies*
    • SC-320 Sex and Gender
    • Other – as approved by Director
  • Group 2: Core Sexuality courses (3 credit hours):
    • HS-262 Sexuality in America
    • PL 388 Philosophy of Love and Sex
    • SC-315 Sexuality and Sexual Behaviors
    • TRS 364 Christian Sexuality
    • GEND-310 Intro to Queer Studies
    • Other – as approved by Director
  • Group 3: Global/Diversity courses (3 credit hours)
    • HS-310 Women in Europe since 1500
    • HS-197 Women in the Contemporary World*
    • IC-163 Women in Italian Society through Literature and Film
    • PL-330 Feminist Philosophies*
    • PS-342 Psychology of Prejudice
    • SC-255 Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Other – as approved by Director
    • Note: Study abroad experiences are encouraged and may fulfill this requirement by petition

Choose any other additional six courses (18 credit) from the list of affiliated Gender Studies courses. Note: Of the 36 total credit hours, at least 9 credit hours should be from the Humanities and at least 9 credit hours from the Social or Natural Sciences.

This flexibility allows students to focus on a specific area of interest, or combine it as a second major with another area of study.

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 All Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies majors complete an internship as an integrated part of their senior capstone course, GEND-410 Internship & Seminar. 

Types of student internship sites include:

  • Public service and not-for-profit organizations
  • Political internships, at varying levels
  • Advocacy and special interest groups
  • Media organizations
  • Business internships, including both the public and private sectors
  • Government internships, at varying levels

Career Opportunities

Generally Gender Studies prepares students to meet the societal needs of analyzing social inequities, initiating change, and confronting social injustice. GEND graduates are educated mindful citizens who are socially and politically active in the broadest sense. Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies majors work in a variety of fields after graduation, including education, health care, the media, the arts, politics, law, social work, psychology, sports, business and industry.