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The Center for Global Languages and Cultures is in the thick of an exciting physical and programming modernization. In addition to our new digital and physical resources, we have initiated a complete physical renovation of the space. As of Fall semester 2022, we have set up a variety of resources for both students, faculty and staff. For students, the CGLC offers tables and a Google Jamboard for collaborative work as well as a theater space and a media library where students can watch foreign language movies.  Furthermore, we are in the process of building a curiosity library where students can casually consult select print materials in the target language for additional practice.

For faculty, the CGLC serves a hub for technology support and collaboration as well. Please check back for a full list of our educational technology workshops and resources available. 

The Center for Global Languages and Cultures (CGLC), located in the O'Malley Center 101, supports faculty and students in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures by promoting technology supported teaching and learning by maintaining a computer lab for classroom use, organizing professional development opportunities and overseeing an inventory of audio-visual resources.  The CGLC also promotes intercultural understanding and interdisciplinary collaboration by advancing the strategic goals related to student success and faculty support furthering both the strategic goals of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages as well as the mission of John Carroll University


To support students, the CGLC will:

1. Provide and support educational technologies that enhance students' language proficiency, cultural knowledge, and developing intercultural competence in different modalities.

2. Facilitate student academic and professional achievement by organizing professional development workshops, career readiness workshops, tutoring services and student assistantships.

3. Advance cura personalis and intercultural understanding by making the CGLC a safe and brave space for all students to co-mingle and collaborate.


To support faculty and staff, the CGLC will:

1. Provide support to faculty in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures in course design and emerging educational technologies.

2. Provide spaces for inclusive teaching and learning.

3. Deliver services for the assessment, measurement and evaluation of language teaching such as administering placement exams and offering one-on-one consultations.

4. Unite educators across disciplines by organizing professional development opportunities that allow them to leverage the wisdom and experience of colleagues and also reflect on evidence based best practices.


In this spirit, the CGLC fulfills the following broader strategic priorities and goals of John Carroll University:

1. Strategic Priority 1, Goal 3:  Integrate the transformative power of experiential learning, including service learning, community based research, and project based learning, across academic programs to deepen real world learning and promote the development of 21st century skills as a hallmark of Jesuit education.

2. Strategic Priority 1, Goal 4:  Inspired by cura personalis (care for the whole person), facilitate academic program success by reorganizing the academic enterprise to be more effective, efficient and supportive.

3. Strategic Priority 2, Goal 3:  Improve campus facilities and maximize their use with enhanced technology and the resources necessary to deliver services that support student engagement and success.


The media library includes 140 music CDs and more than 700 videos (digital and hard copy) and the library is always growing. The media titles cover a wide range of topics and music applicable to language and culture courses within the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures. The CGLC also has two region-free DVD and Blu-Ray players. Use the links below to open lists of music and videos.


Music CDs



Modern Languages

Faculty and students interested in utilizing these resources should contact

The Center for Global Languages and Cultures laboratory is equipped with the following audiovisual aids and tools conducive to accessible language learning for students and teachers:

  • A full-size Google Jamboard
  • A 75” internet-accessible flatscreen monitor
  • Podcast quality microphones
  • HD quality webcams
  • State-of-the art video cameras
  • Headsets
  • Desktop computers
  • Large-scale mobile whiteboards

In addition to physical equipment, the CGLC also maintains subscriptions to the following digital language teaching and learning resources:

  • Sutori
  • CourseraPlus
  • ACTFL for Professional Development

Multi-player board games from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, and South Korea, such as:

  • Dixit
  • Ticket to Ride: Europe
  • Kingdom Builder
  • KLOO's race to Madrid
  • KLOO's race to Paris
  • AGO auf Deutsch
  • Sushi Go!
  • Machi Koro

The book library is also growing. Currently, the lab has award-winning novels in French, Spanish, German, and Italian, including:

  • Le ventre de l'Atlantique by Fatou Diome
  • Petit pays by Gael Faye
  • Les oubliés du dimanche by Valérie Perrin