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5th-Year B.S.B.A./M.A. Program

The 5th-Year B.S.B.A./M.A. Program in Nonprofit Administration will allow students pursuing an undergraduate degree to complete either a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in any major and an M.A. in Nonprofit Administration within a five-year time frame. 

A Bachelor's and Master's in Five Years

The program is designed so that you meet all of the requirements for graduation in both programs. You can complete an undergraduate major, apply for admission to the M.A. program in your junior year, begin taking graduate courses in your senior year, and complete the M.A. in your fifth year. 

Requirements and Admission Criteria

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Application Information

Prospective students should apply for the program in their junior year. 5th-year program applicants must meet the following admissions requirements (the same as those for acceptance into the master’s program):

  • Online application
  • Official transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Two letters of recommendation, one of which is preferably from a professional in a nonprofit organization
  • Written statement that addresses the applicant’s interest in the program, career goals, and experience (including internships and service activity) in the nonprofit sector
  • Professional resume
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Additional Criteria for Admission

5th-Year Program applicants will be evaluated based on a combination of pertinent training and experience, academic records, and standardized test scores, including:

  • Demonstration of significant interest in service and/or nonprofit organizations
  • A minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA (for full acceptance)
  • GRE (optional; may help students whose GPA does not meet the minimum requirements)
  • Completion of or registration in the following courses:
    • Organizational Behavior (MHR 325) or Industrial and Organizational Psychology (PS 359)
    • A Research Methods course (e.g., SC 350 and 351; PO 300; EC 210; MK 402; PS 301 and PS 301L)
    • Statistics (MT 122 or MT 228)
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Tuition Information

Tuition for graduate courses in the senior year is included in the flat tuition rate for 12-18 credit hours. Up to six credits of graduate work can be part of an undergraduate student’s full-time financial aid package, which means that six credits of M.A. work can receive financial aid, depending on the student’s status. Tuition in the fifth year is the graduate per credit tuition rate.

Note that 5th-year students must be taking undergraduate courses full time (12 credit hours) during their senior year to be eligible to take the nonprofit administration courses that count toward the master’s degree.