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The 5th-Year B.S.B.A./M.A. Program

The 5th-Year B.S.B.A./M.A. Program in Nonprofit Administration

For undergraduates interested in ultimately pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector, the fifth-year M.A. in Nonprofit Administration allows students to complete both an undergraduate degree (either a B.A. or B.S. in any major) and a Master of Nonprofit Administration within a five-year time frame.

The program is designed so that students meet all of the requirements for graduation in both programs. Students can complete an undergraduate major, apply for admission to the M.A. program in their junior year, begin taking graduate courses in their senior year, and complete the M.A. in their 5th year.

The Master of Nonprofit Administration is a uniquely focused interdisciplinary and inter-college program that offers exposure to the field, practical instruction, case-based education, and learning experiences necessary to link classroom instruction to real-world applications.

The full-time B.A./M.A. program prepares students interested in careers in nonprofit management and leadership—and can be completed in a condensed five years.

  • Students must apply to and be formally admitted to the Nonprofit Administration program (usually spring of junior year or summer before senior year).

Details on the application process can be found here.

  • Up to six credits of graduate work can be part of an undergraduate student’s full-time financial aid package, depending on the student’s status.
  • Tuition in the fifth year is the graduate per-credit tuition rate.
  • During their 5th year, students are eligible for scholarship funding.
  • For more information on financial aid, contact Student Enrollment and Financial Services at (216) 397-4248.
  • The curriculum includes 12 courses: 8 required and 4 electives.
  • Up to two classes can be taken as an undergraduate, assuming 12 undergraduate hours are also taken each semester during senior year.

Nonprofit Administration Program Highlights


Ohio is home to 60,000 nonprofit organizations, which employ 11.6% of Ohio’s workforce.

Why the B.S.B.A./M.A. Nonprofit Administration Program from JCU?

At JCU, dedication to social justice and community responsibility is our DNA, making the university the ideal fit for those serving the nonprofit sector. It’s this commitment why JCU features Nonprofit Administration as an independent program and not combined within other degree tracks.

With intimate-sized classes, you'll receive personal attention from faculty, augmented by practitioners who are experts in their discipline, all who will help you to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. And, once graduate courses begin, you’ll learn and collaborate with working professionals from northeast Ohio to help build your network.

Plus, you’ll fast-track your career—while saving time and tuition—by completing your undergraduate degree (either a B.A. or B.S. in any major) and a Master of Nonprofit Administration within a five-year time frame.

12 Courses

Eight Required, Four Electives


In addition to courses to complete a bachelor’s degree, students must complete the following courses.

Required Courses:

  • NP 501 – Overview of Nonprofit Administration
  • NP 515 – Leadership & Management
  • NP 540 – Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators
  • NP 575 – Board & Executive Leadership
  • NP 595 – Integrative Capstone Project
  • AC 572 – Accounting & Tax Issues for Nonprofit Organizations
  • EC 501 – Economics for Nonprofit Managers
  • MHR 591 – Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

Elective Courses: Select four courses from the following (12 Hours):

  • NP 504 Social Entrepreneurship
  • NP 510 Internship in Nonprofit Administration
  • NP 520 Advocacy for Nonprofit Organizations
  • NP 530 Professional Communications for Nonprofit Administrators
  • NP 541 Advanced Fundraising for Nonprofit Administrators
  • NP 550 Public Policy Analysis & Program Evaluation for Nonprofits
  • NP 555 Cultural Diversity
  • NP 560 Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis for Nonprofit Administrators
  • NP 563 Nonprofit Marketing
  • NP 570 Strategic Decision Making
  • NP 580 Independent Study
  • MK 521 Principles of Marketing
  • MHR 588 Strategic Human Resource Management, OR
  • MHR 589 Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

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