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Courses transferred in to John Carroll must meet content and learning goal criteria in order to satisfy requirements in the Core. A syllabus may be requested for review.

As long as students earn a “C” or better in a course, credit for the course will transfer. Grades for transfer courses will not count towards your GPA at John Carroll.

A minimum of 30 credit hours must be completed in residence at John Carroll. At least 50% of the credits for the major must be earned at John Carroll or through an approved dual-degree or study-abroad program. The  limit of transfer credit from a two-year institution is 60 semester hours. Approval of application of transfer credits to a major program is determined by the chair of the major department with the approval of the appropriate dean.

All academic petitions for transfer courses needing further consideration (i.e., for Core and/or special designations) must be submitted by the end of the second semester after matriculation. Petitions should be submitted (with course descriptions and syllabi) via the Academic Petition System. The Academic Petition System can be accessed through the Student Profile under the Academics and Registration Services tab in Banner.

Military training and service will be evaluated for credit based on American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. Students who have completed military service need to have a JST transcript sent for further consideration.

Reduced Core Policy

We offer a reduced Core policy for students who transfer in 45+ credits. The total number of Core-specific courses that are to be taken at JCU will be significantly reduced. Please see below for details:

The following courses must be transferred in or be taken at John Carroll to meet Core or program prerequisites:

  1. EN 125, Seminar on Academic Writing, or its equivalent.
  2. Some programs of study require foundational coursework in oral communication, foreign language, or quantitative analysis. (The prerequisites for these programs will not be waived.)

In addition, students who bring in 45+ credits must complete the following core requirements at John Carroll:

  1. One linked pair of courses from the Integrative component of the core curriculum.
  2. One Engaging the Global Community course from the Integrative component of the core curriculum.
  3. Two courses (six credits) from the Jesuit Heritage component of the core curriculum.

Learn more about our Core Curriculum