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An excellent opportunity to have contact with interested students and families is to plan a regional reception. A public, advertised, locally supported, and enthusiastic event can lead to successful recruitment. Ideally, regional volunteers assist in identifying a location, planning, and executing an event. Also, contacting local prospects encouraging attendance can be very helpful. There are three main types of receptions in a typical recruitment cycle:

  • Prospect Recruitment Reception
  • Enrollment Yield Reception
  • Student Send-Off for incoming students

A typical Prospect Recruitment Reception targets high school juniors and sophomores and may take place any time during the year. Surveys show that most “rising” seniors have decided where they will apply to college in the summer before their senior year. It is important to reach these prospects at critical decision points throughout the year. The program might include an Office of Admission staff member, local alumni representation, student, and possibly parent insights. The main messages include tips on navigating the college search, information on what is important in picking a college, and the quality of a John Carroll education. Prospective students will be encouraged to visit campus, to apply for admission, and ultimately, to enroll.

An Enrollment Yield Reception would target accepted high school seniors in the spring with an encouragement to make John Carroll their final college choice by the May 1st National Candidate’s Reply Date.

In July and August, Send-off Receptions can be planned for incoming freshman and their families from geographic regions where there is critical mass of enrollees. The venue should be casual like a picnic shelter in a park, a parish recreation center, or someone’s home. The point of such an event is to start building the community that the family will experience during a great four years at John Carroll. The very small formal program could include advice from current students, parents of current students, and a congratulations and welcome from alumni.

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