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General Information

Schooldude is a web-based work order entry system. John Carroll University has been using the Schooldude system since the fall of 2005. The system allows Requesters to directly enter a work order into the Facilities Department 24/7 from the convenience of his/her own computer. It also provides reply information with every change in the status of a work order. Furthermore, the system allows for date stamped information for every data entry into the system, so a history of “who and when” regarding work orders is documented.

The current password to SUBMIT a W.O. is: JCU21

Each Requester has his/her own individual and private password to access Schooldude, which is not the same as the SUBMIT password.

NOTE:  Facilities staff will only enter a resident hall room or student living space after 10am to perform maintenance work unless it is an emergency.

myschoolbuildingEnter a Work Order

We appreciate calls when there is an emergency;however, we still need a work order placed in order to keep record of the issue and the follow up efficiently.


(Facilities Personnel Only)

Facilities Office

The Facilities Office is located in Room 07 on the lower level of the Lombardo Student Center.