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Eduroam: Computers, phones and tablets

Eduroam is the recommended secure wireless network for anyone with a JCU username and password. This includes inside the Reshalls, in the classrooms, RecPlex, administrative areas, and in the outdoor greenspaces around campus. For those of you who were here in previous years, there will no longer be a resnet WiFi connection on campus in the ResHalls.

To connect to wifi:

  1. Go to your device's wi-fi settings and choose eduroam.
  2. Log in with your JCU Username: Your full JCU email address (

  3. Password: Use the password that you use to log onto a school computer or Canvas.

  4. If prompted to accept or trust a certificate while attempting to join the network, it is safe to do so.

Important: A Device Registration tool is available for devices that do not support eduroam. 

Login to Wi-Fi on your Android Devices

Android users may have additional criteria when logging into Eduroam. Please use the information below to assist you with this process: 

  1. EAP Method: PEAP
  2. Phase 2 Authentication: None or MSCHAPV2
  3. CA Certificate: (unspecified) However, some devices might say "Do not validate." Both options are correct. 
  4. Domain:
  5. Anonymous ID: Leave blank 

If you can’t get connected, please try Forgetting the eduroam network on your device. Then go through the setup process again to reconnect.

Guest Wi-Fi: Connection instructions for the general public

  1. Go to your wireless settings and connect to the jcu_guest network.

  2. There will be a login page to gain access to the guest network.

  3. Click Register

  4. Type your First Name, Last Name & Email Address

  5. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy

  6. Click Complete Registration

Important: The jcu_guest network will require you to re-register every 11 hours.

Need Help: 

Please call the ITS Service Desk at 216-397-3005.

Instructions COMING SOON for devices that aren't able to connect to Eduroam.