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WHAT: The Labre Ministry at John Carroll University, a student-led project that reaches out to Cleveland’s homeless, will continue it’s regular Friday night visits to the city’s downtown. Tonight, students are preparing a special cookout for the homeless community: “Labre on the Lake.”The students will pick up approximately 80 homeless people and provide transportation to Edgewater beach for a cookout. WHO: The St. Benedict Joseph Labre Ministry at John Carroll University is comprised of John Carroll students, faculty, and staff who prepare hot meals and collect items such as clothing, blankets, topical medicines, and reading materials for Cleveland’s homeless. Approximately 120 people living on the streets are served by the Labre Ministry each week.The Labre Ministry reaches Cleveland’s homeless where they live - under bridges, in the alleys. WHERE: Edgewater Park, Cleveland, Ohio (Note: please see contact information below for specific location at Edgewater) WHEN: Friday, September 7, 2007, 6 p.m. CONTACT: Bryan Mauk 216-406-6475 or 216-906-2667