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John Carroll University’s Boler College of Business is now the only business college in Northeast Ohio to offer a Nonprofit Administration program. This comes following the program’s move from JCU’s College of Arts & Sciences this month.


Boler’s programs focus on enabling students to ignite purpose in their careers, providing degrees that will positively impact their lives long after they graduate and leave the classroom. The Nonprofit Administration Program is a natural fit for helping Boler to provide these values and opportunities to their students.


The Nonprofit Administration Program at John Carroll is offered as both a certificate and Master of Arts. The curriculum and experiential opportunities provided in the program help to expand a student’s ability to innovate in nonprofit organizations, enhance community impact, and develop the skills necessary to lead, change, and advance social justice. 


“The Nonprofit Administration Program and John Carroll University have a long history of developing unapologetic social justice leaders in Northeast Ohio, and the move to the Boler College of Business will allow for more opportunities, visibility, and resources for students,” said Dani Robbins, the program’s director. 


“Nonprofit Administration at John Carroll University will continue to be an interdisciplinary program partnering across colleges, while expanding our access to the structures and supports that allow us to grow, innovate, and flourish.”


Elad Granot, Dean of the Boler College of Business, said, "This is an excellent addition to Boler's suite of graduate offerings that will allow us to develop the full spectrum of entrepreneurial, nonprofit, and traditional businesses and business leaders. The Nonprofit Administration's move to Boler will help the program move to the next level. There are already plans to position the program to become accredited and to be promoted on a national level."


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