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Victoria Marino is a senior Engineering Physics major, with a Spanish studies minor. Thanks to high school credits, she was able to complete her minor early and dedicate time towards her major. JCU provided Marino with the ability to take care for her grandmother and remain financially stable, when she decided to commute to John Carroll. Small class sizes were another factor that drew Victoria into the school, knowing she would succeed by making connections with professors and opportunities to ask questions in the classroom. 

Compared to other schools in the area, it was a relief to her knowing that she would graduate with little debt from JCU. With the scholarships that Marino received from the school, her education became more affordable and made it easier to balance school along with activities and internships. Victoria is a recipient of the Nolan Scholarship Fund for Physics, a scholarship set up in memory of Victor Stephen Nolan, a former JCU student who majored in Physics.

On campus, Marino is a part of Women in Stem, the Society of Physics students, and has been inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma (a society that’s a part of the American Institute of Physics). Marino currently has an internship with CleMed, working to create home sleep apnea testing devices.

Marino knew that from a young age she wanted to be a biomedical engineer after reading a biography on Marie Curie and taking after her parents who are both in the medical field. She knew she wanted to major in Physics with a focus on medicine. Today, Marino is applying to graduate schools to receive her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and wants to focus on biomaterial research. The financial support has helped to make her dreams possible and the education she received from John Carroll has helped pave her way to success and establish lifelong connections.