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The following is a list of public resolutions and position statements published by Staff Council.

March 21, 2021: Response to Staff Council Concerns about Return to Full On-Campus Work

Thank you for sharing your ideas and questions surrounding the return to full on-campus work on March 29, 2021. Below are responses to implied questions within the document that was provided by Staff Council, as well as questions Human Resources has received from other employees which may also be helpful. Read More.

February 26, 2021: A Robust Return to Campus

Through the communications provided by the Senior Leadership Team, the Human Resources Department and the detailed information regarding preparatory work of the COVID19 Task Force it is clear that the University may not have achieved the robust campus experience that it hoped to realize by reopening the campus for in-person student experiences this Spring. So far it has been communicated that “Relationships, service, and personal interactions are among the many hallmarks of the John Carroll University experience. Right now, our students and other members of the campus community are feeling the loss of the supportive presence we offer to one another.” The communication on February 26 suggested that the call for a Full Return to Campus by Staff is in response to feedback from Staff currently working on-campus and students/families that the desired on-campus presence of Staff has been lacking. In addition, it was stated that at this time it is believed that campus is safe for the full return of the Staff community based on feedback from the same on-campus Staff as well as “our observation of daily compliance with our health and safety protocols”. Read more.

October 2, 2020: Staff Council PTO Rollover Proposal 

Staff Council would like to thank SLT for providing the additional two holidays for the 2020 calendar year. Due to the pandemic and the dramatic shift in work at JCU, staff members have often indicated that they are working more to accomplish the work that needs to be done on behalf of the University. As a result, it has been difficult for individuals to utilize their earned vacation days. While the recent announcement of two additional days off is generous and appreciated, vacation time is beneficial only when staff are able to utilize them. Read more...

October 2, 2020: Rehire and Service Recognition Policy Proposal

During the open review period for the Human Resources Rehire and Service Recognition Policy, Staff Council would like to propose the following changes: Read more...

November 8, 2018: Staff Council Position Statement

Compelled by the mission of John Carroll University, guided by our founding documents, and inspired by the spirit of cura personalis, Staff Council strongly affirms our commitment to uphold the dignity of all members of the University community.

We acknowledge our colleagues with marginalized identities who experience continued pain and hurt on and off-campus as a result of heterosexism, racism, religious intolerance, sexism, xenophobia, and other forms of oppression. Further, we recognize the many ways our colleagues work tirelessly to support each other, our students, and our community every day.

We believe, as one of the largest constituencies on the University campus, the staff is a highly diverse group of professionals whose contributions are critical to the quality, integrity, credibility, and continued growth of the University.

Read more…

August 23, 2018: Staff Council Endorsement of Revisions to Staff Leave Policy

I am writing to inform you that following a healthy discussion, the elected members of Staff Council voted unanimously to endorse the changes to the Staff Leave Policy that you presented. We believe that this change will equalize inequalities that existed in the leave policy as it pertained to our exempt colleagues. We also believe that it will have a significant impact in helping the University recruit quality and qualified staff members.

With that said, Staff Council has a few areas of concern and it would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about them…” Read more here…

November 1, 2017: Staff Council Memo on Staff Participation in the Presidential Search

As the elected representatives of the Staff at John Carroll University, we are charged with advocating and articulating the concerns of our fellow staff members. With this privilege and responsibility as a guidestone, and in direct response to concerns that continue to be voiced by many staff members, we submit this letter of request to increase Staff representation on the Presidential Search Feedback Group….”

October 10, 2017: Staff Council Statement on Financial Restructuring and Current Feelings of Staff

“The institutional changes that occurred during the past few months have had a profound impact on the staff. Through retirements, position eliminations, and position restructuring, many talented and knowledgeable colleagues have left JCU and are, and will continue to be, deeply missed…” 

March 24, 2017: Staff Council Position Statement on University Finance and Operational Excellence

“Difficult decisions merit thoughtful responses. We thank the Senior Leadership Team for beginning these discussions in an open and honest manner. We believe in order for the University to move forward in this difficult time, this spirit of openness and honesty should continue…” Read more here.

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