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2022-2023 Staff Recognition & Excellence Awards

The 7th Annual Staff Council Staff Excellence Awards recognize the professional contributions and service of the John Carroll University staff (non-exempt and exempt), and their integral role in promoting the University’s mission of inspiring “individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region and the world.”

Staff members may be nominated for one of four awards:

• New Staff Member of the Year (3 months – 3 years of service) ~ $250 stipend

– Staff members start date must be between March 26th, 2020 and December 26th, 2022

• Staff Member of the Year (More than 3 years of service) ~ $250 stipend

– Staff members start date must be before March 26th, 2020

• Saint Ignatius of Loyola Leadership Award ~ $250 stipend

• Archbishop John Carroll Award for Learning ~ $250 stipend

To nominate a deserving colleague and find a description of each award, please follow this link:

All regular staff members, full-time and part-time (20+ hours per week), in good standing with their department and the University, are eligible. All nominations must be received by March 17, 2023. Recipients will receive their awards during the last all-staff meeting.

To avoid possible conflicts of interest, no Staff Council members involved in the decision-making process are eligible to nominate during their terms in office. If you have questions about the awards or the nomination process, please contact Tainne Dallas via email at

The 2021-2022 winners include:

The Faculty Council Outstanding Administrative Assistants award recipients are Brenda Bailey and Kellie Schwabl.

Brenda Bailey supports the Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures department.

“Brenda sets high standards of excellence in everything she does and brings a perfect balance of professionalism and personal warmth to her job. Her colleagues recognize the major improvements that she has brought to the department and the essential role that she plays in ensuring a professional and efficient environment.  Brenda has brought departmental record-keeping to a level of detail and accuracy that her colleagues had never previously imagined.  Brenda exhibits care and concern for students through her treatment of student office work as a formal part of students’ professional development.  Brenda is a leader among administrative assistants. She organized a survey of administrative assistants to achieve greater equity in their responsibilities to solve problems in various aspects of their work. She has the strongest work ethic of nearly anyone we know.”

Kellie Schwabl supports two departments, History and Breen Endowment for Catholic Studies.

“Every time one calls Kellie, they need to ask her to put the appropriate hat on. In addition to her roles in History and Catholic Studies, she also works with the integrative Core. Her institutional knowledge of Theology and Religious Studies makes her an invaluable resource. She is highly responsive, and her attention to detail is exceedingly valuable. Not only does she keep the variety of roles and responsibilities straight, she does it with the utmost professionalism. She has created efficiencies and streamlined processes in each area where she works by connecting what could easily remain disparate work.  Given the range of her responsibilities, colleagues are continually astonished by how quickly and effectively she delivers her work. Not many can function at such a high level with such consistency.

The Staff Council New Staff Member of the Year Award recipient is Kathleen Sardon, Assistant Director of Campus Ministry.

“She has innovative ideas, and it’s partnered with a warm and winsome personality that puts everyone at ease. Everyone wants to work with Kathleen. Personally, she has become a great friend who inspires me to become a better listener and even more committed to my faith and family. If I had to pick one word to describe her, it would be “joy.” Kathleen embodies Pope Francis’ invitation to live out the “Joy of the Gospel.” She’s real. She knows that life is messy and complicated and that real suffering exists in her life and those around her–and yet, she’s still committed to finding the joy and grace that’s all around her.”

The Staff Council Archbishop John Carroll Award for Learning recipient is Melanie Moss, Assistant Controller of Controllers Office.

“She is a phenomenal mentor for all our student workers, both presently working for us and those who have worked in our office in the past. She takes the time to teach them needed skills that the business world will expect when they graduate. Also, she takes the time to talk with them and truly listen to what they are saying and need. This is also done with her employees. She truly listens to us and provides guidance in a non-micro-managing way. We have learned many things from her and continue to. Melanie is also the chair of the JCU Fit program. Her cheerfulness, encouragement, support, and fitness knowledge make this program a success. She is a leader in the Business Office with her knowledge, guidance, support, encouragement, and understanding!”

The Staff Council St. Ignatius of Loyola Leadership Award recipient is Edward Mish, Academic Success Advisor of Academic Success.

“Ed is an outstanding staff member and colleague. He has a way of making others feel valued and supported. He leads by example, encouraging others to be their best selves. As Academic Success Advisor, he helps guide students through challenges, enabling them to grow and flourish at JCU. His positivity and enthusiasm are infectious! Ed is a gifted communicator and an even better listener. JCU is blessed to have him.”

The recipient of the Staff Council Staff Member of the Year is Daniel Borosh, Director of Physical Plant at the Facilities Department.

“Dan continues to bring in strong talent, develop talent, and hold his team accountable.  He has addressed numerous issues within the department and continuously improves operating inefficiencies, all while facing the difficult challenges COVID brings. Dan stepped in to fill the role of the interim AVP, with little to no recognition from outside of facilities, managing the maintenance and the capital projects teams until the hiring of our new AVP last October.  I think Dan deserves this recognition formally as the Staff Member of the Year. “

We sincerely congratulate all of our well-deserved award recipients!


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