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Meagan Rodgers '19G did not work in the nonprofit field when she entered into the Nonprofit Administration program at John Carroll.

Now, Rodgers applies the lessons from her program in her role as the Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives in the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University.

In this role, Rodgers works directly with faculty on developing new academic programs, analyzes offered courses and enrollment numbers, and assists with special projects.

“I love working in an academic environment where everyone is committed to the goals of education and knowledge-building,” Rodgers said. 

The courses within the program gave her both content and connections to understand the nonprofit community, especially within northeast Ohio. Rodgers particularly enjoyed the capstone class, where Elizabeth Stiles, Ph.D., provided direction and guidance for their consultation project, but ultimately allowed the students to shape their work. 

I value the lessons I learned about the importance of mission–an organization should have a clear mission and filter its decisions through the lens of that mission.

Additionally, Rodgers loved the emphasis that the program puts on social justice and the personal touch that each student enrolled in the program receives. Dani Robbins, the director of the program, directly notified Rodgers of her acceptance into the program. “I didn't expect it, but being in the program gave me such an affection for John Carroll,” Rodgers said.

I love that the themes of inquiry, education, and social justice permeated the courses. I intend to remain connected to JCU in whatever way I can.