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Exercise Science B.A.

An exercise science major receives an interdisciplinary preparation built upon JCU's liberal arts tradition that's integrated throughout the curriculum. You will take foundational courses in areas such as anatomy and physiology, development, care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and health issues, along with advanced coursework in exercise physiology, and kinesiology.

Students are encouraged to select minor(s) that align well with the major and career goals, such as: biology, chemistry, psychology, data science, communications, and/or entrepreneurship.

Maximizing Your Potential

As an exercise science major, you can pursue careers in exercise science, fitness, and wellness upon graduation from John Carroll. Or you can seek a graduate degree in exercise science, fitness, wellness, or allied health professions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, nutrition, chiropractic medicine, and nursing.

You must complete 47 semester hours, including a minimum 12 semester hours for electives, to fulfill the major. For a complete list of required courses, see page 265 of the 2017-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin.

You will complete field experiences during your first three years to gain a breadth of applied experiences, and as a senior you will complete an internship to gain in-depth professional experience in your career of choice.

Students that choose to apply for admission to an allied health graduate program may need to complete additional pre-requisite coursework required for admission to the specific program. Students should begin their research on pre-requisites for graduate admission early in their undergraduate career and maintain close contact with their academic adviser.

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Connected to a City of Opportunities

Cleveland is a diverse health professions community - and JCU connects majors with unlimited opportunities in the allied health professions, countless health-related firms, schools, and professional or independent athletic franchises, for internships and research opportunities.

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Integrated Field Experiences

Each student has the opportunity to engage in three specific field experiences that are developmental in nature, and align with intended professional and/or graduate school goals.

Field observation is a 10-hour experience during your first course within the major.

Volunteer experiences include 50 hours of volunteering focused on one or more career possibilities.

An internship is a 150-hour senior year experience in a professional field of choice.

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Career Opportunities

The exercise science major allows you to enter into careers or graduate school programs in areas such as fitness and wellness, strength and conditioning, coaching, exercise physiology, athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, nursing, and chiropractic.