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John Carroll has the study abroad opportunities that you would expect — course-based trips, spring break trips, summer programs, full-semester and year-long partnerships with universities across the globe. In addition, we offer an array of course-and mission-driven international immersion trips. Immersions are 7-10 day experiences to domestic and international locations during school breaks that can truly change one’s perspective of the world. You’ll learn about issues of poverty and injustice while living in the communities you are serving.

Center for Global Education

Approximately 200 students take part in more than 45 study abroad/exchange programs each year, taking advantage of John Carroll’s commitment to global education. These experiences take place on five continents, in locations such as London, Madrid, Beijing, Lima, and Rome.

Students in select majors can participate in internship programs across the world, fulfilling degree requirements and learning vital skills for their career. These integrative learning opportunities provide students with practical work experiences in a new culture.

Immersion experiences challenge students to engage the world while reflecting on the values of leadership and service. Students travel to domestic and international locations, engaging in direct service and experiential learning while living in the community.

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to going home, but there are also a number of psychological, social and cultural challenges involved in re-adjusting. These can be especially tough because they are often unexpected.  

Resources when you return from Study Abroad.

Students studying at Regent's University in London, England, on their excursion to Stonehenge.

Funding Your Experience

In many cases you can get scholarships, federal and state aid to help make your international experience more affordable.