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With the right combination of lecture and lab courses, any chemistry major can receive an ACS Certified degree. Why would you want a certified degree? More details can be found at the ACS website, where you will find that an approved degree shows that you have taken a broad variety of rigorous chemistry courses in all of the foundational areas of chemistry. You also will have taken 400 hours of lab and research work. All of this will have prepared you for a variety of potential (bio)chemical careers.

Career Paths and Requirements

"The guidelines for a certified bachelor’s degree, as defined by CPT (available at, were developed specifically to prepare students for success in a broad array of careers. Independent of whether you intend to move into an industrial position, pursue graduate study in a chemical field, or enter into another professional career track that requires rigorous scientific training, you will benefit from being able to build on a strong background including chemical knowledge, laboratory competency and safe laboratory practices, oral and written communication skills, familiarity with the chemical literature, and experience with working both independently and as part of a team. " - Read More


Sample Chemistry Study Plans