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Why pursue a degree in chemistry? Sometimes student fascination begins in a high school chemistry class, or a student may choose a type of job which requires the degree. Many students, though, recognize that a degree in chemistry provides a particularly strong foundation for a variety of career paths:


  • Research & Development (i.e. Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, materials science, cosmetic/perfume industries)
  • Agriculture & Food Chemistry
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Resources
  • Quality Control
  • Technical Sales/Marketing
  • Technical Communication


  • Public Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Chemistry in the Arts
  • Social Impact/Activism
  • Policy, Regulatory Affairs
  • Military Science & Technology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Chemistry Law


  • University Faculty
  • K12 Education
  • Basic Research

Ohio has very high employment rates for Chemists (source). Several companies employing chemists are headquartered right here in the Cleveland area. The chemistry curriculum at John Carroll has a reputation among these companies as being rigorous and providing our students the education and experience to be successful after graduation.

Chemistry Major Post-Graduation Plans

The majority of our graduating classes from 2012-2016 pursued health-related professional programs, specifically medical, pharmacy, and dental school. A high percentage of our graduates went directly into the workforce, with the majority of those seeking employment in the chemical industry. Still others attended graduate programs such as chemistry and biochemistry, engineering, education, and medical physiology.

Click here to see where some of our students are now.

Additional information on the many career paths for chemistry majors is available on the American Chemical Society (ACS) website. For examples of chemistry career profiles, click here.

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Career Options

The JCU Career Center helps students and alumni make career-related decisions, develop their skills to achieve their goals, and connect to opportunities.