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Students interested in engineering have three options:

  1. They may elect the 3/2 program, which consists of the first three years at John Carroll as a science major followed by two years at Case Western Reserve University. Successful completion of the 3/2 program leads to two bachelor’s degrees: a B.S. from John Carroll and a bachelor’s in engineering from Case Western Reserve University. For more information, visit the Dual Degree Program page on the Case School of Engineering website.
  2. They may complete the B.S. in chemistry (ordinarily following the chemical physics concentration) and then enter an engineering school for a further degree. It would typically require a total of six years to obtain a B.S. from John Carroll and an M.S. from another institution.
  3. They may choose to complete two years of pre-engineering at John Carroll and then transfer to an engineering school to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Please contact your major advisor for more information.