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Senior Awards

Every year, the Chemistry department awards three different awards to seniors who have shown outstanding academic achievement. 

This award recognizes a senior chemistry major with a demonstrated record of ability, leadership, and professional promise. 

Seniors and graduate students majoring in chemistry, chemical engineering, or biochemistry; selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a certificate suitable for framing, a one-year Student Affiliate membership in the AIC, a peer-reviewed journal, and name on plaque. 

2021 Recipient-David Sprenger 

2020 Recipient-Erica Truong 

AIC Student Senior Award Picture

2019 Recipient-Peter K. Koetting

2018 Recipient-Megan L. Wilt

This is awarded to a senior chemistry major in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in Biochemistry at John Carroll. 

Selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a one-year subscription to the journal of Science.

2021 Recipient-Aysenur Musaogullari

2020 Recipient-Dale A. Baker

2019 Recipient- Shyla E. McMurtry

2018 Recipient-Ethan E. Ekstrand

This award recognizes a senior chemistry major with outstanding academic achievement and exemplifying the Jesuit ideals of leadership, integrity, and commitment. 

2021 Recipient-Aysenur Musaogullari

2020 Recipient- Brendan A. Sieber 

Pickel Senior Award Student Picture

2019 Recipient-Alysia T. Mandato

2018 Recipient-Anthony J. Perugini


Chemistry Course Awards 

Every year, the chemistry department recognizes students that have excelled in their chemistry courses. 

Awarded in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in Analytical Chemistry at John Carroll. 

Selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a certificate, medallion, and emailed monthly highlights from the journal of Analytical Chemistry.

2021 Recipient-Isabella Francisco

2020 Recipient-Morgan Larick

2019 Recipient-Aysenur Musaogullari

2018 Recipients-David R. Sprenger, Michael Lamonica Saxton, Quynh D. Tran


Awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement by undergraduate students in physical chemistry, and to encourage further pursuits in the field. 

Selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a certificate from the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry,  recognition on the Division's website, & a one-year complimentary membership in the Division of Physical Chemistry.

2021 Recipient-David R. Sprenger 

2020 Recipient-David R. Sprenger 

Physical Chemistry Award Student Picture


Awarded in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in Organic Chemistry at John Carroll. 

Selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a gift from the chemistry department.

2021 Recipients:   

  • Morgan Larick
  • Cole Morell
  • Kennedy Newhart
  • Nicholas Schuler

2020 Recipients:

  • Madison DeTullio
  • Robert Fogle
  • Izma Khaliq
  • Kaitlin Tortorete

2019 Recipients:

  • Aysenur Musaogullari
  • David R. Sprenger
  • Paige S. Wnek

2018 Recipients:

  • Dale A. Baker
  • JC Bastick
  • Adam Beaufort
  • Brendan A. Sieber

Awarded in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in the General Chemistry Courses  at John Carroll.  

Selected by chemistry faculty.

The recipient receives a gift from the chemistry department.

Chemical Principles Recipients:

2020 Recipients:

     Morgan Larick      Abdullah Ali

2019 Recipients:

     Kathryn Bacik      Kaitlin Tortorete

2018 Recipient:

     David Sprenger


General Chemistry Recipients: 

2021 Recipients:

     Lauren Brumit      Samuel Roter      Lauren Smith      Mia Zivkovic

2020 Recipients:

     Jared Hinton      Catherine Maas      Patrick McGraw      Cole Morell      Nicholas Silva

2019 Recipients:

     Connor Dye      Sarah Duber      Sarah Fallovillita      Isabella Francisco      Meghan Graeca

2018 Recipients:

     Kyle Blasinsky      Sydney Hall      Aysenur Musaogullari      Hanna Roberts      





This scholarship was established by Joan Lambros in honor of her parents to acknowledge their lifelong support and dedication to higher education, especially to their daughters and granddaughters as the key to a better life and understanding the diversity of humanity.

Selected yearly by chemistry faculty among female chemistry majors with established academic achievement or the financial need of exceptional female chemistry majors.

Scholarship consists of a designated amount applied toward tuition.

2021 Recipients:

     Aysenur Musaogullari      Madison DeTullio

2020 Recipients:

     Aysenur Musaogullari      Paige S. Wnek

2019 Recipients:

     Alysia T. Mandato      Erica Truong

2018 Recipients:

     Rabeah Bayazid      Alysia T. Mandato 

The Lubrizol Foundation has made annual awards to John Carroll University to be used for scholarships based on scholastic ability. Each year, at least one of these scholarships has been directed towards a Chemistry major.

Selected by Chemistry faculty, at least one of the Chemistry scholarships has to be awarded to a diverse student (gender/race). Junior and Senior declared majors with established academic achievement and/or academic potential.

The recipient receives 2/3 of the award. The remaining 1/3 of each award is given to the department in support of teaching. As well as their name on a plaque. 

2021 Recipient:

     Clara Graves

2020 Recipients:

     Lyla Graham      David R. Sprenger

2019 Recipients:

     Adam Beaufort      Madison Edge

2018 Recipients:

     Peter K. Koetting      Quynh D. Tran 

Named in honor of Dr. Thomas, a faculty member at JCU from 1936-1975, this scholarship is awarded to an outstanding incoming freshman who intends to pursue a major in Chemistry.

Selected by Chemistry faculty.

A certificate; scholarship consists of $1,000 applied toward tuition, and is renewable annually as long as the recipient continues their study of Chemistry with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

2021 Recipients:

     Senior-David R. Sprenger      Junior-Isabella Francisco      Sophomore-Mia Bizjak       Freshman-Marie Steinkuhl

2020 Recipients:

     Senior-Brendan A. Sieber      Junior-David R. Sprenger      Sophomore-Isabella Francisco      Freshman-Mia Bizjak 

2019 Recipients:

     Senior-Shyla E. McMurtry      Junior-Brendan A. Sieber      Sophomore-David R. Sprenger      Freshman-Isabella Francisco

2018 Recipients:

     Senior-Kirsten R. Ponsart      Junior-Shyla E. McMurtry      Sophomore-Brendan A. Sieber      Freshman-David R. Sprenger

The William and Geri Green Chemistry Book Fund provides an award by way of a gift card in the amount of $600 from the University bookstore, limited to textbooks and course related materials. This award is given on a yearly basis to a sophomore chemistry student. All second semester sophomore students declaring chemistry as their major are eligible regardless of GPA, to be used in their junior year. If in a given year, no sophomore declares chemistry as a major, no money will be awarded. Any unused funds will remain in the account to grow the fund.

The recipient is chosen by a random draw from all students declaring their major in their sophomore year. The chair of the Chemistry department is present and will make the selection in August prior to the start of the Fall semester.

An award by way of a gift card in the amount of $600 to be used at Univ. Bookstore.

2020 Recipient-Aysenur Musaogullari

2019 Recipient-Sereen Nasrallah

This award was established by Patrick John Flash, PhD, '65, in honor of his father, John Flash, to support chemistry students with their chemistry textbooks and lab expenses associated with taking Chemistry 221, 222, 223, and 224 (Organic Chemistry).

One student selected yearly (1st week of classes) by Chemistry faculty among students enrolled in the Organic Chemistry courses at John Carroll.

The recipient receives an award to pay for the cost of Organic Chemistry textbooks and lab expenses.

2021 Recipient-Jenna Colton

2020 Recipient-Madison DeTullio

2019 Recipient-Aysenur Musaogullari

2018 Recipient-Rachel E. Marciano

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.