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Chemistry Minor

An optional minor in chemistry is available to students majoring in any other department. Chemistry connects many of the other fields of science. A minor in chemistry is ideal for pre-health program majors as they prepare for graduate school and careers in pharmacy, forensic science and more. Depending on your career goals, it’s also an ideal minor to pair with a major in business, law, or sociology. 

To declare a Chemistry minor, complete this form, print the email confirmation, and bring it to the Chemistry office: here

General Chemistry I-II & Lab I-II (or Chemical Principles & Lab) - CH 141, 142, 143, 144 (or CH 151, 153) - 10 (or 5) credit hours

Organic Chemistry I-II & Lab I-II - CH 221, 222, 223, 224 - 8 credit hours

Two CH2XX, 3XX or 4XX courses with corequisite lab(s) - 6-9 credit hours

Note to Advisors: for a variety of majors which require a biochemistry course, the minor in Chemistry could be achieved by taking either CH 435/436 (Biochemistry I and II) or CH 431 (General Biochemistry) and another course at the 2XX-level or higher. When offered, Special Topics courses (CH 495) count toward this additional course.