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Funding Restrictions and Priorities

These travel categories are listed in order of funding priority. The Dean shall fund department budgets according to these priorities, to the maximum extent possible with available university funds. Deans and chairs will allocate these funds with the goal of maximizing the benefit to the John Carroll University faculty. Funding priorities are as follows:

  1. Faculty presenting original scholarly work at national, regional, or international meetings of professional societies at which the faculty member is listed on the program.
  2. Faculty serving as panel chairs or discussants at national, regional, or international meetings (listed as such on the program).
  3. Approved and necessary departmental business, including such things as licensure or accreditation.
  4. Activities related to administration and/or service in professional organizations, or service to the profession, at which the faculty member is listed as a committee member or office.
  5. As available, funds may be disbursed to faculty members attending conferences for professional development but who are not on the program. In this case, funds are disbursed to cover at least travel to and from the conference. Tenure track faculty will enjoy priority for this category of travel and may request full funding if this is their only travel request for the academic year.


For the academic year, faculty may request a maximum of $1,750.

Requests will be reviewed and funds will be disbursed by the dean’s office into departmental budgets. Once the funds have been disbursed, travel funds are under the discretion and authority of the department chair. Unused funds are returned to the University at the end of the fiscal year.

Each faculty member can request up to $1,750 in support. Nothing in excess of this amount will be allotted.

Faculty members should strive to economize whenever possible. Requests for reimbursement for expenses deemed excessive, unnecessary, or frivolous will be denied. Travel supported through endowment funds or through other, non-departmental programs will be administered by the person administering the program or fund. The dean may take into consideration when allocating professional travel monies whether an individual faculty member has access to non-departmental funds.

Each faculty member should submit his or her request individually. If you are requesting funds for more than one conference, please provide details for each (grand total not to exceed $1,750).

  • Travel dates for 2023-2024 are June 1, 2023, through May 31, 2024 (fiscal year 2024). 
  • Travel requests are due to the CAS Dean's Office by Friday, August 25, 2023.

Travel Request Form