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Immersion trips are 7-10 day experiences in a variety of domestic and international locations that invite and challenge participants to enter into solidarity with the people, culture, history, and other realities of the region. Each Immersion focuses on several specific social justice issues.

More information coming soon for Spring Break and May opportunities!

  • Establish relationships with people on the margins so that we can begin to understand not only their particular situation but the structures within society that prevent people from living a full, dignified life and create such disparity in wealth, equality, and justice for all.
  • Learning takes place through immersing ourselves into the local reality.
  • Teach students the importance of reflection in their lives. Daily reflections enhance our understanding and connect us deeper with each other and God.
  • Be fully present and learn how we can empower the locals and lift up their unique gifts and talents.

Preparation and post-Immersion gatherings are an opportunity for students to learn and reflect about the people, issues, and realities they encounter, and can provide a way for a one-week experience to become a lifetime transformation.

Contact our Immersion Experience Coordinators:

Students playing with children on an Immersion Trip.

Immersion Experience Locations

Participants have a variety of locations to choose from. Each offers a unique opportunity to connect with the people, culture, and history of a community.

Students on an immersion trip.

Current Participant Information

Important information to help prepare current participants for their immersion trip.

A group of students on an Immersion Trip.

Want to Know More?

More information for student participants, student coordinators, faculty/staff, and parents wanting to learn more about the Immersion Experience Program.

Student on an Immersion Trip.

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