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Biology Club

Faculty Advisor: Chris Sheil, Ph.D.

The Biology Club was organized in 1995. It is open to all students interested in the biological sciences. Field trips to local sites, white water rafting, assisting in elementary classrooms, plants sales, and guest speakers are some of the activities offered each year.

Pre-Health Student Organizations


Faculty Advisor: Ralph Saporito, Ph.D

Pre-Surgical Club

The Pre-Surgical Club's mission is to unite students with the same goal of pursuing surgery as a career. As a club we host surgical panels, provide volunteering and shadowing opportunities for students, and host army medic suturing clinics.

H.E.A.L. (Health Education Awareness League)

The Health and Education Awareness League aims to educate others about health-related issues in society, such as, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, HIV/AIDS, and more. With this, our goal is to educate others on current issues, as well as provide opportunities to get involved and assist in such causes. We look forward to providing service, informational, and inclusive events this year!

Pre-PA Club

The Pre-Physician Assistant Club is a student organization at John Carroll University that is committed to providing aspiring physician assistants with the necessary information to apply and ultimately be accepted into physician assistant programs around the country. Our events include PA program tours, informational sessions, mock interviews, and more!


Faculty Advisor: Kathy Lee, Ph.D

Pre-Medicine Society

We serve as a resource to students who are hoping to apply for medical school. Every semester we provide hands-on learning experiences, networking opportunities with physicians and medical students, access to informational lectures and resources, and service opportunities. We help students better understand what a career in medicine looks like and guide them on their journey in healthcare.

Pre-Dental Society

Come join the Pre-Dental Society! We have many events to help you to excel in the dental field including guest speakers, volunteering opportunities, dental workshops and more! Follow us on Instagram @jcupredentalsociety



JCUEMS is a student-run organization of EMT-Basics responsible for providing quick response service to on-campus medical emergencies. We hold monthly trainings, attend a national conference every year, and practice our skills with our medical director and University Heights Fire Department. Our responders gain clinical hours and valuable patient-care experience while working in our department, and many of us work in healthcare outside of JCUEMS.

Exercise Science Club

The goals of our club are to provide education, experience, and exposure to the many careers associated with exercise science, as well as be advocates for fostering a healthy lifestyle within the community

Nursing Club

The nursing club is here to provide support for students interested in the nursing field! From guest speakers with nurse practitioners to informational meetings regarding the many different nursing specialties, we plan to provide connections and opportunities for our members.


Give students the opportunity to learn more about the careers of physical and occupational therapy through experiential learning, guest speakers, and engaging activities. Additionally, help students navigate the process of applying to graduate programs. All are welcome! E

The Health Occupation Association

The Health Occupation Association aims to help students find their passion in healthcare. We will be having events such as bringing in numerous speakers from different fields and learning about their pathways in the healthcare system.

The Gift of Life

Gift of Life’s mission is to cure blood cancer through cellular therapy. We are singularly passionate about engaging the public to help us get everyone involved in curing blood cancer, whether as a donor, a volunteer or a financial supporter. It all begins with one remarkable person, one life-changing swab and one huge win — finding a match and a cure. Find more information here:

JCU Eye Society

The JCU Eye Society is meant to support all careers that are focused on the eye such as optometry and ophthalmology.

Environmental Issues Group (EIG)

Faculty Advisor: James Watling, Ph.D.

EIG is composed of students interested in making the John Carroll community more sustainable in its practices.