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Students choose from three majors programs of studies around their interests and aspirations; biology, cell and molecular biology, or environmental science.

Your biology courses begin with studies in plant and animal biology, genetics, and ecology, with support courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. After you declare your major you follow your interests, with the support of an academic advisor in your major, to choose your elective courses of study.

After graduation, students go on to work as biologists, teachers, dental and nursing assistants, environmental water quality techs and more. Others matriculate in graduate school, medical or veterinary schools.

Papers Published with JCU Students

Male mate preference as an agent of fecundity selection in a polymorphic salamander.

Dr. Carl Anthony

Global temporal patterns in plant nutrient resorption plasticity

Dr. Rebecca Drenovksy

Highly divergent 16S rRNA sequences in ribosomal operons of Scytonema hyalinum (Cynaobacteria)

Dr. Jeffrey Johansen

om92, a glp-1 enhancer mutation, is an allele of ekl-1

Dr. James Lissemore

Modafinil as a cognitive enhancer of spatial working memory in rats

Dr. Cyrilla H. Wideman

Escape behaviour of aposematic (Oophaga pumilio) and cryptic (Craugastor sp.) frogs in response to simulated predator approach 

Dr. Ralph Saporito

Patterns of chondrification and ossification in the skull of Graptemys pseudogeographica, the false map turtle (Emydidae)

Dr. Christopher A. Sheil

Honduras group on mountain

Explore Service in Science

Female student in lab classroom

Choose Ohio First Scholarship

Awards of $4095 are funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Student working on pressure bomb


$4,000 per year award

photo of Carl Anthony with woman

A Model Professor

Dr. Carl Anthony, Professor of Biology

Erin Johnson, Jeanne Colleran and Ed Peek

A Commitment to Service

Dr. Erin Johnson, Assistant Professor of Biology