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Undergraduate Scholarships

John Carroll University students pursuing science and technology majors are eligible to apply for Choose Ohio First Scholarships. These scholarships, funded through a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education and JCU, will help support, educate, and graduate academically-driven STEM* students for emerging regional markets in healthcare, biotechnology, and other science-based industries. The program reflects JCU’s commitment to inclusion, social justice, and leadership in our region and around the world by providing all students the opportunity to be successful in high-demand STEM* disciplines.

With funding from the National Science Foundation's Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM) program, the INSPIRED program provides support to students with substantial demonstrated financial need and academic promise to succeed in STEM disciplines at JCU. Scholars receive up to $15,000 per year (may be used in addition to other sources of financial aid), academic support, peer-led team learning, career development, summer research fellowships or micro-internships, and travel to scientific meetings. For more information on program details, eligibility, and application process, please see the INSPIRED information page.

Undergraduate Awards

Fenton Moore Award for outstanding academic performance, research activity, service to others, and enthusiasm for the field of biology

Excellence in Biology Award for achieving a GPA of at least 3.85 in biology major courses

Outstanding Biology Scholar Award for outstanding research activity in biology

Biology Leadership Award for outstanding leadership through service to other students to nominate or self-nominate for the BL Leadership Award

Female student in lab classroom

Choose Ohio First Scholarship

Awards of $4095 are funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Higher Education.