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Apply for Core Course Designation Online Here  * Please note that this form will be used for new core designations as well as renewals.

*NOTICE: Please SAVE YOUR WORK as soon as you enter your CONTACT INFORMATION and COURSE INFORMATION. This form will time out within 20 minutes and any unsaved work will be lost. Once you have saved it, the form will disappear. Go to your email Inbox and open the link that has been sent to you. This will give you a 60 minute window to complete the form. At any time you may save your work and return to it later.



The Core Advising Guide:

Access the Core Advising Guide here.



For courses to be offered in:

FALL 2022: November 5, 2021
SPRING or SUMMER 2023: April 5, 2022

FALL 2023: November 5, 2022

SPRING or SUMMER 2023: April 5, 2022

FALL 2024: November 5, 2023

SPRING OR SUMMER 2025: April 5, 2024


Faculty Guide to the Core (rev. summer 2022)*
Assessment Plan*
Integrative Core Curriculum FAQs (rev. 10/2017)*

Assessment Report (Years of Interest 2017-2018 and 2018-2019)

Original Core Proposal (rev. 4/2013)

*information has been updated to reflect the revision to the Core adopted by the faculty in May 2017.

Upon a request of an instructor, the Core Committee can approve grants to enrich their course.   The instructor must email the director noting what the grant will be used for, how much money they are requesting as well as how the grant will support the core designation in their course. The Core Committee will discuss and vote on each request and will notify the instructor.