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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science

A degree in computer science enables you to understand the technology that powers the world around us, and provides the tools you need to design new kinds of technology. You’ll develop skills that can translate to virtually any industry or interest, helping you solve problems in cybersecurity, finance, transportation, education, healthcare, retail, energy, or public safety. You might work on algorithms that detect financial fraud, interpret data from MRIs, or propel self-driving cars.

You can learn computer science anywhere, but at John Carroll University, where class sizes are small (alternatively, ‘where you’ll never see a 300 person lecture hall) and a major comprises only 40% of your total credits, you’ll get the broad liberal arts background and individualized attention that makes for a well rounded citizen and job candidate. You’ll learn all the technical skills that other schools offer, and gain knowledge in a breadth of other subjects from your core curriculum.

Computer Science at John Carroll

As a computer science student, you’ll learn critical skills for understanding and developing technology and communicating your ideas. For example, you will:

  • Learn specific programming languages like Java, Python, and SQL
  • Develop the foundational skills that will allow you to learn other programming languages quickly on the job
  • Practice technical writing skills
  • Master the many elements of software development
  • Discover how to apply these skills to different problems and industries

You’ll have opportunities to test these skills in labs, projects, research, and internships.

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science Degree

With a bachelors of science in computer science, you’ll learn critical skills in programming and software development, and be prepared to understand and develop new technologies. All students take the same core classes, but are given the opportunity to specialize their interests through upper level coursework and research.

BS in Computer Science Program Highlights

Real Teaching

At JCU, you’ll be more than just a number. Faculty get to know students and their interests, and often help connect them with job and education opportunities. You’ll take entry level classes with professors who may one day oversee your research project, advise your capstone, or write a letter of recommendation for your graduate school application.

Amazing Experience

At JCU, computer science isn’t just taught through lectures and readings. Hands-on experience comes from classes like CS 470 Software Engineering Project, in which students fulfill the role of a software developer working in a team on a large software project for a real client or for an open-source community. Some students participate in local and national research conferences, like the Midstates Conference on Undergraduate Research. Recently, two JCU computer science students placed in the Medical Capital Innovation Competition for the development of an algorithm that helped identify errors in blood tests even before doctors saw results.

Jobs and Opportunity

Cleveland is a hub of technological innovation, particularly in the healthcare Information technology industry. It’s home of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, where computer science students have an opportunity to complete a for-credit internship during the junior year. Beyond healthcare, Cleveland is the 10th fastest growing market for software development, and is home to more than 170 health-tech companies.

Clubs and Organizations

  • It starts with STEM: brings STEM exposure to elementary and middle school kids through weekly lessons and experiments. The program hopes to expose kids, who wouldn't otherwise have access to STEM professions and the idea of college. In addition, lesson plans and experiments are based on Ohio Science Standards for the students' respective grade levels. This requirement is meant to help prepare students for state testing and the grade above them. 
  • LaunchNETfunded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, will work with you to promote entrepreneurial thinking, innovative mindset, creative collaboration and venture creation through advising, events and connections to the greater Northeast Ohio community.  LaunchNET is free to all students, alumni, faculty and staff .

Featured Faculty

Our Computer Science graduates serve many roles:  translators of remarkable technological breakthroughs to society;  builders, makers, and protectors of the digital world; integrators of computing ideas, technology, and economic tools. Students and faculty engage in interdisciplinary research and internship programs in business, scientific explorations, and medicine.

— Elena Manilich

Notable Alum


Ernest Petti, '97

Ernest graduated from JCU with a degree in physics and computer science in 1997. After completing graduate school at the University of Iowa, he was hired as a software developer at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Today he’s a studio supervisor, and has credits on several Oscar-winning animated films including Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, and Zootopia.

JCU Northeast Map

Computer Science Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.