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Bachelor of Science (BS) in Data Science

If you like the idea of transforming large, complex data into the kind of information that creates intelligent, change-worthy decisions, JCU’s Data Science is worth a thorough analysis.

Data Science Program

A Broader, Deeper, and More Ethical Approach

Because data is everywhere, data science skills are critical to countless disciplines and industries. The Data Science program at JCU was thoughtfully designed to provide an impressive range of knowledge, so you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.

Here, statistics, computer science, and real-world applications come together. Through research and internships, you’ll master the skills today’s employers seek. As part of a Jesuit liberal arts university, you’ll also explore the complex relationships between big data, technology, and science; the benefits data offers, as well as the societal and privacy issues it creates.

As a Data Science major, you’ll hone your skills and abilities in:

  • Data Acquisition by collecting, storing, preserving, managing, and sharing data using multiple programs and big data tools
  • Problem Exploration through experiences that foster computational and data-analytic thinking
  • Domain Knowledge by using discipline-specific data use cases to solve complex real-world problems
  • Interpretation by learning effective data communication and visualization methods

Data Science Program

Business runs on data. No wonder data science graduates are in high demand in virtually every business and industry. Your degree could open doors in national companies with large data analytics departments or be the catalyst for an innovative start-up company; it could lead to a future in medicine, arts and entertainment, sports, government, law, manufacturing, or research.

Top Employers


BS in Data Science Program Highlights

Choose your discipline

Because the career possibilities for Data Science are so wide, our students get to focus on specific disciplines, such as business intelligence, communications, digital humanities, entrepreneurship, exercise science, biology, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology. This allows you to discover and define your interests and career path.

Future-oriented Internships

JCU’s deep connections with Cleveland and regional businesses, coupled with a strong alumni network could mean an exciting internship opportunity for you.  Recent placements include the Cleveland Clinic, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Featured Faculty

“Data can change—and save—lives. My own research proves this, and it is a passion I share with my students. I hold a US patent on a set of machine learning algorithms that predict colon cancer recurrence, and I’m currently working with the Cleveland Clinic to build prognostic cancer models using machine learning algorithms and data visualization tools.”
— Elena Manilich, Associate Professor - Dept of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Data Science

Notable Alum

Daniel Droder

Daniel Droder, Data Science ‘21

Status: Data Scientist, J.M. Smucker Company

What inspired your future? I had three internships while working towards my Data Science degree. During a four-month summer internship at the J.M. Smucker Company, I developed a web app that integrated multiple machine learning models and created an automated web scraper. The experience was incredible. JCU’s internship network and opportunities led to greater skills, abilities, and my current job.

JCU Northeast Map

Data Science Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.