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Welcome to the website of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at John Carroll University. Here you will find information about our undergraduate programs in mathematics and computer science, our graduate program in pure mathematics, and our unique professional development programs for high school and middle grades mathematics teachers. You will also learn about our faculty and staff, and their deep commitment to providing a high quality personalized education for all of our students.

We take great pride in offering particularly strong undergraduate academic programs that will fully prepare students for entry into careers related to their study of mathematics and computer science. Our students who have pursued graduate studies tell us that they appreciate the solid background that they gained at John Carroll that gave them an advantage. Mathematics and computer science majors at JCU have the opportunity to work with faculty on undergraduate research projects and to give presentations at regional and national conferences. Our students are encouraged to work collaboratively and to form strong social and intellectual bonds.

The Department offers three masters degree graduate programs. The MS degree program is a rigorous course of instruction that prepares students for later doctoral work at leading graduate schools, gives students a deeper understanding of mathematics that can lead to enhanced career opportunities, and offers intellectual stimulation for those who hunger to learn more about this profound and time-honored discipline. The Department offers seven graduate assistantships to full-time MS program students that includes a full tuition waiver and a yearly stipend.

We firmly believe that we have created the highest quality professional development MA degree programs for mathematics teachers in the area. The programs for both high school and middle school teachers are designed to help teachers become experts in the mathematics that they teach to their students while reigniting the spark of intellectual excitement.

I would like to end this message by emphasizing perhaps the two most important qualities of the student experience within our department – excellent teaching and personal attention. Our undergraduate majors and graduate students have all of their courses taught by full-time faculty. We believe good teaching to be our foremost task. Our faculty incorporate innovative teaching methods into their courses and we make it a point to be available to students outside of the classroom. Our students know us well and we greatly enjoy spending time with them.

I hope that I have given you a clear picture of the true nature of a mathematics and computer science education at John Carroll University. If I have made you even more curious then please contact and/or visit us. You will be most welcome.


Rebecca Fang,  Interim Chair
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
John Carroll University


More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.