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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Teaching Mathematics

If you’re adept at mathematics, have a passion for teaching, and want to make an impact on adolescents and young adults, our Teaching Mathematics program may be the right answer for you and your career.

Teaching Mathematics Program

Advanced Math Knowledge Advances Futures.

In recent years, the focus on STEM education has grown, resulting in more high school students choosing to take complex math courses to better prepare for their future. Math teachers are in high demand, and the Teaching Mathematics program at JCU gives you the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to answer the call.

To become a teacher of mathematics at the AYA level, you’ll develop advanced knowledge in mathematics concepts and application, completing high-level mathematics courses such as Calculus II and Methods in Pure Mathematics. At the same time, you’ll progress towards a major in Education as you receive a solid foundation in educational methods, learning and development, and instructional technologies.

Through student teaching, you’ll draw on all you’ve learned and experienced at JCU, including our commitment to seeing the whole student and our Jesuit foundation. Great mathematics teachers share their enthusiasm for mathematics with their students. They not only help those students who struggle with math, but also challenge strong students to deepen their understanding of the subject. Your ability to understand, support, and inspire every student can lead to greater confidence and ability, rising GPAs, and stronger futures.

Teaching Mathematics

Students earning the BA in Teaching Mathematics will develop a foundational understanding of Calculus, Algebra, and Real Analysis along with Education courses. This combination will prepare you to receive your licensure to teach mathematics at the Adolescent to Young Adult (AYA) level.

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BA in Teaching Mathematics Program Highlights

In-Class Experience Is Part of the Formula

Every education student participates in a full academic year of clinical experience in one school. During the first semester, Pre-Student Teaching, you’ll work with a mentor AYA math teacher; gaining an understanding of class dynamics and learning styles, while building confidence in your own abilities.  In the second semester, Student Teaching, you’ll spend more time leading your math class, teaching for a minimum of 360 hours.

Two Departments. Greater Opportunities.

As a student in Teaching Mathematics, you’ll be part of the Education Department and the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Data Science. That means two departmental advisors supporting you throughout your time at John Carroll.

Featured Faculty

Two of the greatest joys in my life are doing mathematics and helping people learn new things. Teaching math is my calling. Although the work is sometimes hard, it is very rewarding -- particularly when students experience that light bulb moment of understanding something in a new way."
— Barbara D’Ambrosia, PhD, Professor/Chair


Notable Alum


Chris Mullen, Teaching Mathematics ‘07

Status: Middle School Mathematics Guide at The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School

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Teaching Mathematics Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.