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Student Concerns Form

The Department of Education is dedicated to preparing educators who demonstrate the requisite skills, knowledge and dispositions expected of professionals in the education field. The Department has the responsibility for monitoring the knowledge, skills, and professionalism of education students in order to determine readiness for student teaching and for a subsequent recommendation to the State of Ohio for licensure upon completion of the program.

The purpose of the DE concern process is to establish mechanisms for:

  1. identifying students whose behavior or attitude in courses or field placements is of concern; and
  2. documenting the issues and, as necessary, subsequent actions.

The goal of this process is to assist students in their development as educators; it can also serve to provide the necessary data to assist DE personnel to determine whether or not a student is suited for his/her program and the profession.

The information you provide will be emailed to you and the Field Placement Coordinator, who, in turn, will verify your role in the TE program. A program coordinator may contact you for further information. Please note: This concerns form does not take the place of the university procedure on managing classroom behaviors. [For more information on that university procedure, use this link]

School-based M.Ed. Program