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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish and Hispanic Studies

With growing Spanish-speaking populations – 53 million in the U.S. and climbing – the ability to communicate effectively with diverse customers, patients, colleagues, supervisors, students, and clients is increasingly necessary. And it’s not only about speaking another language. Look around. It’s about understanding other perspectives, valuing differing voices, celebrating big achievements, and meeting problems and people where they are. That’s what the world needs. People like the Spanish-biology double major who started a climate change-fighting non-profit in Ecuador. Or an alumnus now in dental school after spending a summer interning with dentists in South America. Inspired, understanding individuals who choose to cultivate cultural understanding, innovation-driving-empathy, and use it constructively to build a better world.

Spanish at John Carroll University

John Carroll takes a comprehensive, whole-world approach to Spanish and Hispanic studies.

With a Spanish degree from John Carroll, you will learn to:

  • Skillfully and effectively speak, listen, read, and write in Spanish
  • Develop breadth and depth in knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures, in Spain, Latin America and beyond
  • Understand cultural, historical, political, religious, and geographic nuances surrounding Spanish, Latin American and LatinX culture

Spanish is the native language of more than 400 million people. Nearly 41 million native speakers live in the U.S., making Spanish language skills a growing need across many economic sectors. Spanish is an excellent co-major or minor with degrees in the sciences and business.

Supplement any major with a minor in Spanish, and elevate whatever future you pursue. Pick up where you left off in high school or start from scratch.

BA in Spanish and Hispanic Studies Program Highlights

Because Spanish is so widely spoken right here in the United States, John Carroll students can take advantage of immersive opportunities every semester they’re here. Clubs and organizations like the John Carroll chapter of Sigma Delta Pi; or local service opportunities like the Migrant Voices class volunteering at Esperanza, Inc., a mentoring program for Hispanic communities in Cleveland.

Short-term or long-term. Spring break or spring semester. Internship, classroom, or maybe both. From semesters in Spain, Peru, and everywhere in between, to immersive service trips in the U.S. and abroad, working with communities in places like El Salvador, the U.S.-Mexico border, Honduras, Los Angeles, and many others, all inspired by the Jesuit tradition of social justice. Take intensive, language-learning courses or earn your core humanities credits taught in Spanish.

Spanish speakers play more important roles than ever in the success of American companies, organizations, hospitals, schools, and governments. Speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish will not only give you a competitive edge in the job market, it will give you the opportunity to reach more people, to help more people.

“Studying Spanish (or any language) at JCU opens doors to other cultures and different perspectives, giving students a global advantage in today's competitive job market.”
— Megan Thornton, PhD, Associate Professor of Spanish

Notable Alum


Alejandro Lopez, Spanish ‘12

“As a child of immigrant parents, assimilating to the US involved sacrificing the only language I grew up with. Choosing to major in Spanish was a way to reconnect with my roots and ensure that I understood the language in every form. Since graduating from JCU with a double major in Spanish and Sociology, I obtained a Master in Social Work and currently work as a program manager for a homeless services agency. My ability to speak, write and comprehend Spanish at an academic level has afforded me the opportunity to serve various communities, primarily the Spanish speaking.”


Language Study in a Global Economy

A recent survey of HR leaders reveals that one third face a critical shortage of foreign language skills among key employees. Consider pairing Spanish, French, Italian or German with study in International Business with Language and Culture.

JCU Northeast Map

Spanish and Hispanic Studies Alumni Across the Region

John Carroll University alumni live, work, teach and support communities throughout the region from Northeast Ohio to Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus, Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh, New York City, Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.